Technical issues leading to disconnections

A technical issue may have resulted with disconnections from the server however it should now be possible to reconnect. We are monitoring the situation to make sure further issues do not occur.

Anyone who lost ships due to disconnections can submit a ticket at under the Game Play Support -> Reimbursement -> Lost Ships category and they will be investigated by our hard working Customer Support team.

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Is this related to the issues ongoing in the past few days? Are these specific to the TQ server or are they network related, ie. might VPNs help address the ongoing issues like they did during DDoS month?

Just wanted to say that I really love that you responded so quickly like this to let the community know what’s going on.


This issue was not DDoS related. From our end it looks as though Tranquility was working fine and the issue may have occurred upstream from us with one of our partners. Our team is investigating the cause right now.

Of course for our players the end result is the same regardless of where the fault occurred. Sorry for the disruption!

Is there a DDoS attack gin on now - 2020.05.01 - 23:08 EVE time? Player count just dropped from about 26.000 to 16.000 and I was also booted.

Anyone else having problems?

I think so, everyone reporting their game crashed…

Hi there, this was not a DDoS related event. Our engineers are looking into the situation but it appears that everything was fine with Tranquility itself and it may have been due to a technical issue with one of our partners. We’re continuing to investigate.

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For the past 2 months, this has been going on. I am able to play for all of 2-5 hours before being booted and unable to reconnect.

I am seriously annoyed and I am hoping that something can be figured out. I do not want to continue to pay for an account that I am unable to play.

I am sorry that I sound annoyed, but I truly am at this point. I am frustrated beyond means and just wish to have it back to the way it was 3 months ago (before the massive disconnections have happened).



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The present TQ issues only started happening a few days ago, and “DDoS month” happened back between early February to the third week of February. Your issues between then and now are largely unrelated to EVE.


How do you know that the problems are largely unrelated when everyone that I know has experienced the same issues as I have? I did not state it was a DDoS issue, I just stated that I hope that something can be figured out. I wasn’t having any issues 3 months ago and now, it’s a daily occurance.

How is it not related to EVE, when it states the same as all the other threads? You my friend, do not know if they are not related, they could be on a level that we do not understand, or maybe you do.

My annoyance is that, I pay for my account, no one else. I come here to enjoy the challenges of PvE & PvP. Now, if someone else would like to pay for my account, by all means, I will quietly not say a word at all the disconnections that happen as it’s not my money being spent on a product that doesn’t stay stable for one reason or another.

If you read all the other threads, you will see that it has been going on for quite a while, not just a few days ago. I understand it was DDoS issues at the beginning, then something between partners or something or another. I am kindly seeking some assurance that it will be dealt with.

Surely, I am not the only one that pays for an account. I am pretty sure that many do.



@Morte_Hekki the only threads I’ve seen between then and now are isolated to individuals or one-time flukes and are not representative of the entire player base suffering or indicative of on-going issues. You don’t see mass disconnects or several players simultaneously posting for days at a time as ongoing issues. I have neither observed this on the forums nor heard about it from the hundreds of EVE players I am actively involved with scattered geographically nor have I observed it first hand. As an IT professional with enterprise experience possessing certifications in networking and security, all I’m saying is that the issues you are experiencing as an individual is probably not EVE related. I apologize if I neglected to include the word “probably” in my previous post.

Same issue repeatedly booted not responding efing joke

So when do I get my free SP, the keys to the city , 1 trillion dollars and the throne to the world for connectivity issues CCP?

This is becoming constant.

Please see This Post in regards to most recent connection issues.