MASS Disconnect on 2018-02-19 17:41

(Havis 911) #1

Yesterday at 17:41 EVE time, there was mass disconnect from Tranquility, my whole fleet dropped (socket closed), launcher reported people online droppped from 31000 to 288, …and we lost 2 ships in an Incursion fleet.
The Mass DC can clearly be seen on eve-offline:
17:41 31 111 people online
17:45 288 people online
ANYONE ELSE Experienced this?

I see not a single post from CCP on twitter or anywhere on the forums (like it did not happen!)
Whats going on guys?
At least a twitter post confirming the issue would be nice!

(Ezio Dicostanzo) #2

same thing here
got DCed as we were in warp to a fleet to welp them

(Piugattuk) #3

Yup, confirmed me too, luckily lost nothing.

(elitatwo) #4

The ghost in the machine was sick and tired of bot farming in null and kicked everyone out…

(system) #5

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