Mass Disconections - 2020/05/30

At approximately 21:02 we experienced a a mass disconnect of clients from Tranquility. Players should now be able to log back in and we are investigating the cause however it does not appear at this stage that this was an issue with our infrastructure. We will keep you updated both here on the EVE Status Twitter account.

Anyone who lost ships due to disconnections can submit a ticket at under the Game Play Support -> Reimbursement -> Lost Ships category and they will be investigated by our hard working Customer Support team.

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i logged and noticed all my plex was gone!!!

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I have to log in to see if it affected me

So, time to watch zKillboard for shiggles?

What happened can’t login! just got booted!

Same here, server status is down:

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Massive lag, barely warped away from combat site.

Yeah, very poor connectivity atm

same here… very hard/slow login to forums… maybe more of the ■■■■ DDOS attacks

Server up

DDOSS ??? or reboot!

Really glad this thread was created!

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Hamster farted - all ok now

minor ddos or a node reinforce, those trig v edencom event sites are pounding the server.

why did my plex balance went to 0 after the disconnect!?

Let’s say CCP will call it DDOS…
Like everything regarding connectivity the last 2 years or so…

grrrrr, just want to kill pods :frowning:

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I can log in just fine but account management seems to be down.