Abyssall Ideas

Been having a lot of fun learning how to do abyssall’s with my friend as we return to Eve. After a few weeks of grinding them out I’ve been able to do T4’s pretty safely. Done maybe 100-150 runs in a Gila. I have excellent internet and never had a disconnect before. Then it happened… almost made it through but ended up losing my ship and pod due to something outside of my control. I don’t think I will ever do them again now, it’s just not worth it for the amount of capital you risk.

Reading previous threads about what to do about internet disconnections inside abyssal it is clear that a pause of the timer just can’t be a thing or being spit out of the site is too exploitable and would not work.

As it is PvE content with a higher risk than other forms of PvE that you will safe warp when disconnected, I really believe to help solve this problem the only way is to rework them entirely. Like I get it, a disconnect any where in EvE is often fatal and it is apart of the risk you take flying expensive ships.

I don’t have many ideas how it could be fixed but I think they should be removed from an instanced area, allowing gankers to scan out and enter them and for the abyss runner to escape as well. The difficulty shouldn’t be tied to a timer but a ramping difficulty per acceleration gate. Instead of using filaments of different Tiers you only use the type you want. It starts at 0 when you enter and the more gates you go through it levels up accordingly up to 6, After 6 could be extremely challenging with an infinite ceiling. I don’t know how to fix ship requirements to enter. maybe removing them would open up to tiers above 6, 1-6 can be ran with fleets of any size but not worth it to make money. Then 6+ with it scaling each gate can become a bigger fleet requiring logistics and FC’s. The longer you go the class of ships you face can scale to the point you will need capitals and super caps to survive, make the rewards worth it and it can become a spark of large battles.

I don’t know… just upset I lost 2 weeks of progress.

can do T4 safely and 100+ runs for a Gila but somehow

High risk, high reward. If you don’t want to run the risk don’t do this high reward stuff. Deal with it and HTFU or don’t do them.

I would think you had paid the Gila many times over by now?

Why not try again and make even more ISK? If you only die once every 100-150 runs your wallet would still end up very positive, right?

I don’t believe this is true.

High-end mission running – which seems a reasonable comparison to T4 abyssals in terms of risk/reward – is blitzing L4 missions in a Machariel, often to get to burner missions. A disconnect in certain blitz missions will result in the loss of that Machariel, and a disconnect during burner missions will also most likely result in a ship loss.

For the former, blitzing involves ignoring and getting ■■■■ done faster than the scram frigates – so without active input during a disconnect, you may be prevented of emergency warp due to being scrammed. For the latter, certain burner missions are fought while scrammed/disrupted, so a disconnect also will not result in an emergency warp.

You gained experience though, and the qualia of that is itself progress. The lessons you take away from it determines how much progress you personally make & grow as a pilot. Viewing “ISK going up” as the only meaningful metric of progress is a dangerous mindset.

Then don’t put down so much capital.

Occasional ship loss is something everyone has to get used to, no matter what you’re doing. So you put in the appropriate investment to mitigate that.

Honestly ya… made this post after losing something to my first DC. Lost many ships but usually it was being outplayed or in over my head but I took some time to rethink what I was doing… Flying a blinged out 2b gila doesn’t make much sense to make maybe 100m/hr and is actually pretty stupid looking back. After what I put into the ship I broke even but I could have been doing this in a 500m fit instead and do just fine and just expect at some point…it’s going to blow up.

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