Abyss is very hard or unstable internet connection

If the player reaches the third gate after 20 minutes, he is teleported by the gate a random place in null -sec, and the ship will have destroyed after 40 minutes only

actually loses his ship and pod.

While I understand being frustrated that a poor internet connection makes the Abyss challenging, there are no solutions to this that CCP can implement which would not be immediately exploited by players. If your internet connection to EVE is not stable, Abyssal Filaments are not the content for you.

Anyone doing filaments must prepare themselves to lose their ship to the vagaries of the internet - nobody can control what happens between your router and CCP’s servers.


I play on a wireless connection because it’s more convenient for me doing so.

I’ve been running T1 abyssals daily for the past week, and the most I’ve personally experienced were three disconnects in a single day.

It’s completely possible to get back in the game in time to finish the run, unless you were already edging close to the 20 minute timer to begin with.

Please be aware of only one thing however.

If you are doing solo frigate runs, then the Abyss is definitely supposed to be a tough challenge, because it’s been designed to be faced with 3 players instead of a single one.

If you are doing it in a destroyer or cruiser, then the low tier abysses should be fairly easy to tackle, even with an unstable connection, and you might want to look at other fittings or ships that are popular for the Abyss, just in case you might find an alternative for what you are running.

I have an average 200ms ping, and had a hard time dealing with tessera rooms until I learned to recall my drones premptively and leave them orbiting close by until it switches target, making it easier to scoop them up, and now I rarely lose drones to them anymore.

I’m also training into a hawk just to be safe in case worms are nerfed in the future, or drones are changed to be a pain to handle, but so far, it’s been the best ship for me.

Imo the Abyss is the most enjoyable PvE content available in the game right now, so don’t let a bad connection stop you from enjoying it.

Also remember, don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose, and you should do just fine in the game, no matter what content you are doing.

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