Hey, CCP. What about creating new Abyssal filaments?

If you use this filament, it will work randomly.
Create a new room, or invade into a room created by someone else.
The room created by this filament should be better than the reward for the other filament.
Or there are have items that only come out here.

The “Abyssal PVP Encounters” added this time Patch seem a bit lacking in imagination.
Would not it be nice to have a little more hot, dirty and rough?

And this is another story, that Google Translator is better at English than I do.

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Oh lord, just call it for what it is, grief filament.

I think you’re playing the wrong kind of game.

These abyss sites ARE PVE by design, the only PVP is occurring upon leaving, to want of turning it into a PVP encounter when surviving it requires a PVE fit, grief filament.

The filament I proposed is different from the existing ones.
Capsuleer can choose whether to use or not.

This new filament contains both fairness and unfairness.
When you use a filament, you may be an attacker or a defender.
It also contains PVP and PVE.
Sometimes there is no invader.

The size of the compensation box in the last room is important.
I think I have to be ten times bigger than usual.
Just looking at it, greed raises, and after capsuleer leaves this room, he must be motivated to use the cursed filament again.

No. Go away.

It is not a completely bad idea to make a new filament but not like you describe it at all. It should not be random and randomly pop you into someone elses abyssal pocket at all.

I thing instead of adding a randomly appearing room at the end of abyssal runs for PvP CCP should have just made it into its own filament.

Eve actually has quite a few people that like 1 vs 1 fights and hate when they get interfered in as is often the case. A straight out 1 vs 1 filament would be pretty good for these folk. No bull ■■■■, no gimmicks, just a simple and to the point 1v1.

That, might actually pick up some half decent traction.

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“ABYSSAL DEADSPACE PVP” included in the 13th patch looks a little obvious
and I wrote this article.

‘Triglavian Proving Conduits’ contains both PvP and PvE.
Of course, though optional.
This is content for people who want both PVP and PVE.
Would not those who enjoy these things want a more exciting way?

The new filaments I proposed are only able to break into rooms made of new filaments.
That is, it has nothing to do with users who enjoy PVE using existing filament.

I think balancing is very important if CCP make this filament.
Between intruder and defender, between capsuleer and rats, developers will have to consider both.
Because the defenders are more likely to be in a more adverse situation, He’ll have to give the intruder a corresponding penalty.

I wanted to tell you that there is an evil intruder, a desperate defender, a rough Rats, a huge and beautiful cache and Destiny. :wink:

PS. I think it would be more effective to put a little chance of creating a room that is not invaded. As bait…

No because the results of this are largely too predictable. While there may end up being exceptions here and there, for the most part you have no choice but to either fit for PvE or for PvP. In the upcoming system I guarantee you there will be ships fitted for minimum T3 performance just to barely make it through the filaments and go up against pure PvE fits made for T4s and T5s which will not stand any chance against them.

Its basically same ■■■■ as shooting targets that don’t shoot back or dropping carriers on newbs in frigates in FW. Same kind of PvP, which is basically not really PvP. It will be 100% avoided by any player with half a brain running a T4 or T5 and the players running the T3s in PvP fits will just end up complaining of “no content”.

This will be the same exact outcome, 100% whenever you mix PvE and PvP until or unless the fit requirements for both are normalized. When you can comfortably and on average do T5s in a PvP fit, then that is when this sort of thing can and should come into play, but before its just a waste of development resources.

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