Abyssal Filament

How come since the latest mirror / update the Abyssal Filament are no longer available on the test server ?

Probably because they don’t want us theory-crafting without risk.


That’s a shame, after all it’s the ‘test server’ where else can we test is a safe environment.

But no answer from CCP yet that’s a bit disappointing :disappointed:

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Well, to be fair the test server is there for CCP to test changes to the game, not you figure out how to play it with no risk. It’s nice they allow us so much access to it, but it really isn’t there for you to use for your own purposes.


I excluded them from market seeding on request of the team, which is working on Abyssal space.

This seems to be pretty much on the spot as far as I can tell - but I did not discuss the reason for it further with the requesting team.

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Well perhaps the term ‘safe testing’ wasn’t the correct or not very good chosen. Anyway the answer is given thnx @CCP Habakuk.

will they be seeded at all? any chance? they are kind interessing and healthy

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I dont like you being technically correct here… it made me laugh, youre right, but I know we dont like it. :stuck_out_tongue: haha

then why allow literally every single other form of pve to be tested? you expect people to blindly risk 4b cruisers in a t5 without working out the kinks on sisi first? that’s absurd.


Emphasis is mine.

Have you tried running a data-site on the test-server?

I have lived under the impression that test server is for players to test the game … if CCP wants to avoid “safe testing” than sisi should be closed server for general public… this is silly… Or U want players to test the game, or U don’t. If U want that, U must make content more accessible. If U have same options as in TQ, with same “long paths” to go threw - i don’t see any motivation to use sisi that much. I hope guys U know what U are doing… I don’t like it. Hope I am wrong.

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It’s really annoying because you can in all intents and purposes go around farming filaments from data sites on sisi and then begin farming them up in the sites from there. it’ll take you hours and hours to get to chaotic filaments unless you luck out big time on the data sites… but its doable.

so in reality all the abyss team has done is made it very annoying to test filaments on sisi… those are the types of decisions this company makes… they dont care if they piss their customers off or inconvenience them. what do they care about? im really curious what the culture is at ccp? its almost as if the only feedback the employees listen to is from their managers, who apparently dont care about pissing customers off

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SISI should be close for ever & replace with a simple arena … lol … I have never done any PVE test on sisi in the past 10 years. Testing on SISI it is what made ITEM cheaper on market and kill any kind of real gaming… Are you here to farm or are you here to play ?

Go get a mining barge and just #(%!*&"/!# :slight_smile:

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the people who create the walk thrus for slow brains like you to follow step by step probably used sisi to develop them. ive already done my testing on abyssal filaments using sisi while it was available, plenty of it, so im set… it’s the rest of you who didnt have that opportunity that I feel sorry for.

I use my own walkthought… lollll don’t say something you can’t know

that isnt the point but an interesting thing for you to focus on instead of saying anything of value

Speaking of value get back to basic.

Don’t risk what you can’t afford to lose.

CCP wants you dead, it is a game, you can’t always wins against the AI … lol

you are wrong, the filament activation thing was a bug. I sincerely believe CCP intends for you to have a way to test things out on sisi. granted they have made it a little bit harder since removing the filaments seeds, but thats the only exception i can think of. literally every other form of pve is testable on sisi, and even when there is new content, it’s always on sisi first. they even added blue items to the market seeds to make it easier for everyone. so yea. youre wrong.


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That way every time they make some stupid change/introduce a free win wave, tons of bling ships will die on Tranquility. Seems to be the entire purpose of these Abyssmal things anyway.