Missing chaotic filaments?

(Jaquline) #1

I’ve been testing the Abyssal filaments at t5 for the past few days. I guess the test server restarted/reseeded and now they’re all gone. Why are all the filaments gone? What sites do they drop from in exploration?

(Arthur Aihaken) #2

I think they’ve been removed to prevent Abyssal theory-crafting.

(Jaquline) #3

But isn’t that the point?

(Arthur Aihaken) #4

Who knows.

(Nevyn Auscent) #5

No, the point is to test stuff. Not work out optimal fits at zero risk.

(Dread Zeppe) #6

the risk is when you deploy the fit on TQ. what will happen as a result of this is people just won’t do them anymore. congrats

(system) #7

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