Please seed Filaments on Singularity

Dear CCP,

since this is my first post and i only recently started with Eve let me express how grateful I am for that wonderful world you created! That being said I’m trying to test abyssal sites on the test server and the filaments aren’t available. Could you maybe consider seeding them in the main system?

It’s on purpose that filaments are not seeded in markets on SISI, this is mainly to limit theorycrafting on Abyss Deadspace without any risks.

i do not agree. why give out excuse sush abyssal theorycrafting while matter is different? we should be allowed to have filament supply to test our combat experience before we go into abyss on live server.

But abyssal space is random, so every time you go it will be different.

That makes sense and i agree with that decision. Thanks and happy hollydays!

If this is your logic, then why did you leave filament sell orders on the market? All you’ve done is added a couple extra steps, you haven’t at all achieved your goal of limiting theorycrafting.

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