Why no mutaplasmids available on the market?

Surely the purpose of the test server is to test new things?

This really is a grand oversight.

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you get mutaplasmids from abyss sites,run them as filaments are seeded. ccp will never seed mutaplasmids.

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I don’t think you understand how the test server works.

Everything is practically available on the market including new triglavian vessels. I can buy a Veshak direct from the market. Why cannot I buy mutaplasmids even though they are on the market like the other new things?

The test server is for testing, why should we not be able to directly bypass the abyssal sites to test the various mutaplasmids?

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thats not how it works. there is no supercapitals no titans seeded no faction/deadspace/officer modules seeding.

if mutaplasmids were seeded nobody would do these abyss sites.

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Mutaplasmids are NOT titans.

They will be a fairly, if not common, then plentiful resource. There is no guarantee that all the mutaplasmids that will be seeded will be found by players on sisi, to adequately test them to max purpose. And you seem to forget that not everyone will be flying abyssal sites to get them yes? They will be BUYING them off the market.

You can feed your gambling addiction once they drop on tq if you’re too lazy to run them on the test server.
The loot table is randomized right now. Spam some t1s - they aren’t hard.

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dont forget that utaplasmid can completly render your faction/deadspace/officer module as total garbage plus mutaplasmids are not gonna be so cheap people will start hunting data sites more to grab the filaments probably nullsec will hold t4 t5 filaments while low tt2 t3 and highsec t1 .

ccp seeded filaments so players can buy and run these sites wth no problem seeding mutaplasmids probably would solve many problems but do we really need? its up to ccp if they will seed them or not,they have fimal word we all can do is ask if they can be seeded

in my opinion seeding mutaplasmids could be good idea but seriously if they were on market ccp would not get any data from abys site runners because you dont have to waste hundreds ships worth 100 isk,just go on market to buy what you want. so seeding mutaplasmids would have both good and bad side

perhaps thy seed them on next mirror?


I don’t think there’s any doubt many Faction and Deadspace modules are going to be bricked with this release.

they do not plan to do this. it would ruin test server meaning,howewer seeding cosmos/faction modules could potentially help,some faction modules are little less stronger from t2 but lower cp/powergrid/capacitor demands - example:by looking at armor hardeners both t2/faction offer 55% resistance but faction ones have less requirements and can fit on ships with small cpu or powergrid. seeding green modules would basically be good way to enchance testing

Its not being lazy its having them to test readily, Sisi is meant for things that are broken to be discovered before they are meant for TQ, its not some kind of honorbru personal server, its for business not pleasure. They could break in innumerable ways and yet they are restricted from player access on the test server. It makes no sense.

I would have rather had them available now to test than having to wait for them to break on TQ.

Hope so but it might be a bit late with them being released with the expansion next week.

Into the Abyss is DOA. I wouldn’t worry about it.

This is flat out untrue. Many people run the sites just to learn how to run them more efficiently or what the best ships and fits are.

This is even more important now because the loot rates have been set to a more normal rate, meaning mutaplasmids are a lot rarer.

Not seeding them gives people a reason to run the sites even if they might not actually want to. So if you want to test the fruits of the site, go help test the sites. Once CCP want further testing on the module stuff they may seed the market.

well, you can’t get skill injectors, supercaps, AT ships, opux yacht/stratios emergency responder or shinies on sisi either. they’re on the market too but we can’t buy them

The droprate currently is extremely low, good abyssal modules will not be available to the average player.

Also, people tend to forget that the main purpose of the testserver is to test mecbanics, find bugs and to see how things perform on the server side. That you are able to test fittings, fleetcomps and new stats on old modules is just a sideeffect.

Well considering you cannot buy a supercap in high-sec, it is pretty obvious why they are limited. Skill injectors probably so people don’t just use sisi to degenerate into supercap mobs and possibly so ccp can test skill training over time.

AT ships and uber rare ships are hardly a common item.

Counter-point, if data cores are readily available then why should mutaplasmids not be available on the sisi server? To get datacores you also have to either a] Do missions or b] do data sites. If datacores were restricted then that would help people gravitate towards the means of getting them and thereby test them, yet they are not.

Maybe it is to test the abyssal sites yet if it is interesting content then folks would gravitate towards it anyway.

How do you know they will not be available to the average player that runs abyssal sites?

You don’t have to buy them you know. I can do invention without needing to buy tech 2 modules.

i don’t know, it’s just a guess from looking at the droprate. Of cause you can create these abyssal modules yourself, it is just that their price will be so high that you won’t use them on your ship as an average player. If you buy faction modules and gravid/unstable multiplasmids yourself and do 10 experiments to get a good module or buy a good module from the market doesn’t matter - the module still represents the same value. With the neglectable droprate and the amount of module modifications needed to get a good one, you can guess what their price will be. (Why does noone use officer modules atm? ->)

i dunno … data cores = research agent provided reward for assigned activity of trained skill …multi plasmid = npc site drop… not a realistic comparison…if you have the skills and the agents your data core output is a static…multi plasmids are an activity variable may or may not happen at all…you get dropped in on you run the site lose the multi plasmid…no ones going to waylay your agent for your datacores before you pick them up…not the same at all

agent reward item sales are a fairly predictable constant over the years… not so for mission site drops eh?