Test servers didnt have abyss filaments for testing

Test servers didnt have abyss filaments for testing on a market
How to solve this?

They’ve been removed and Abyssal pockets have been deactivated. If you want to try filaments you’ll have to do it on Tranquility. This is permanent and there is no way around this.

As practice show in Tranquility before you use working and expensive fit it’s better to try it on test server rather then spend real ISK. Abyssal pockets not removed from test, just yesterday do them on test server, but cant get what i want from market and keys stil drops from pockets.

Well, CCP has indicated they’re disabled - so you’re SOL.

Can you share the link where from you get this info, as I try to ask subject question to support and they didnt give any answer

There have been several posts in several threads by various ISDs and CCP indicating this. You’ll have to search for them if you want to find the specific reference -or- you could just take me at face value and the fact that you’ve been able to verify they no longer work.

OK thanks

the filaments were temporarily disabled the other day, but that was a bug apparently.

the filaments arent seeded on the market still, which is a pain in the ass… but you can still fish for them in data sites if youre desperate

ps. this is what happens when you make unofficial changes and fail to tell anyone about it CCP

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