How come people don't bait gankers?

With Abyssal filaments that make a player suspect why don’t people do those as a group then send the bait ship through and when the ganker comes everyone comes out of abyssal space and gank the ganker(s)?

Just wondering if this occurs.



Do the abyssal filaments make people suspect again? Because that was shut off for a while.

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Nope been gone for a while

You can’t have unlimited ships in the filament. You aren’t going to get a bunch of people in one and then pop out and kill a ganker. Not to mention they likely know what you went in with prior to you going in and they don’t make you suspect.

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It’s a shame the abyssal filaments don’t make you suspect anymore.

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Why don’t you do it and tell us how it went? Or is this just a call for “someone” to please do “something”?

It doesn’t work as you think. To yeet a fleet, you need to be their boss, have all fleet mates uncloaked without PvP timers max 6km from you on grid, and all members safety to at least yellow. Filaments don’t make anybody suspect (anymore).

It needs decent patience and social engineering to convince somebody not knowing into that position. I tried a lot in the beginning of this feature, succeeded with 3 (one Marauder kill with help of batphoned BB).

I invited potential victims on Jita undock to my fleet, and insta warped them to a safe, then tried talking them into yellow … alternatively ask mission runners in some hubs for “help” on a special mission. Finally not my cup of tea as I’m feeling bad lying to clueless people.

Theoretically anti-gankers can camp a filament trace in cloaky ships. When the ganker strikes, decloak and blap.

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I did this a couple times uncloaked … but unfortunately the gankers then didn’t gank with me on grid despite my statements in local to be just watching in my little Phobos. :wink:

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Is this thread for this specific scenario or is it about baiting gankers in general?

FYI gankers won’t get a criminal flag if the bait has a suspect flag. So that will only work if the gankers are outlaws.

Also, I don’t know anything about abyssal space but am I correct in assuming you can’t just go in and chill? You need a ship fit for it yes? So, correct me if am wrong, but you will be pretty busy in there waiting for the gankers to arrive (or not). Sounds pretty nerve racking.

If you take OP ship to t1 or t0 abyss you actually can chill and run it mostly afk. It’s actuall quite common way to escape ganks. When you finish one run and see gankers on grid, you jump into another, easy filament before your invulnerability timers run out.

… unless the gankers are smart enough to anchor a Mobile Depot next to your trace. :smiling_imp:

Mobile Depot stops from using filament but trace don’t stop from anchoring mobile depot? CCP quality coding I guess…

Correct, mobile depots prevent that escape tactic. It was my standard procedure back then when I was hunting suspects with the nice effect of being able to refit on grid while waiting for the Abyss to end. I always tell gankers who miss that. Due to depots not allowed in Jita, running Abyss from there is 100% gank safe, unfortunately (CCP doesn’t seem to care).

Why should a trace stop a mobile depot from anchoring? Traces can only be created away from interfering structures, but structures don’t care about traces.

Seriously? I haven’t been in Jita enough it seems. It’s way too crowded.

And I guess CCP does everything to make it even more crowded, by allowing Abyss runners to do it right next to their market in 100% safety.

If mobile depots are banned in Jita, ban abyssal traces too. Let those people spread out a bit. (Also make them suspect)

The Abyss arenas are a sacred cow, people print ISK with it, and apparently PvP arenas attract a certain demographic CCP wants to cater to. Sandbox game is not a priority anymore, it’s too complex for the new dev generation. That’s why the flood of special rules and restrictions everywhere, which make no sense, but make balancing easier to code.

You can call that micro-management, the last resort of people who can’t handle complexity properly.


I’m taking the bait in this ganker bait thread. Does that count? :popcorn:

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So you are a ganker? :stuck_out_tongue:

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