Baiting High Sec Gankers

Here is a fun way to toy with High Sec gankers.

First get an expensive ship, maybe an Orca or Combat ship.

  1. Fit the ship with a Cloaking Device.
  2. Fit the ship with high-end modules.
  3. Have a Trig and High Sec filament in your cargo hold.
  4. Have several high-end cloaked ships nearby.
  5. The bait ship will join its own fleet.
  6. Bait the Orca in such a way that the gankers can’t refuse to attack it, set it at point from an asteroid belt that allows the use of filaments.
  7. Set all High Sec ganker corps to Red - 10.
  8. Watch local.
  9. Keep on the filament jump button.
  10. Within one to two seconds of the gankers visually appearing on the screen, press Jump and needle jack into Trig space, cloak up and wait the 15 minutes then jump back into High Sec.
  11. The combat fleet then decloaks and engages the ganker fleet with fast locking and high DPS.
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lol, don’t think that scenario will work…

Will the Filament activate if the bait ship is target locked?

And doesn’t the bait ship need to be attacked first for the attackers to be criminally flagged?

Also if the bait ship is in it’s own fleet, then the cloaked combat fleet can’t really do anything without Concord intervention.

However, using the Filaments as a quick escape sounds like a good idea…

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This sounds a lot like just whoring on CONCORD kills with extra steps.


I thought you didn’t play anymore.


Great idea Dryson!

If you can’t pipebomb the gankers out of existence, Plan B is run away!



I also heard what you can do is make two far bookmarks one in front of you and one behind right, now when they appear on grid before they land you initiate warp to the FRONT bookmark, then, soon as your ship starts to move press control + space (or left foot pedal as I have it set) to “stop your ship” then immediately initiate warp to the REAR bookmark. This is an intermediate/advanced maneuver I’ve coined “The Sheroo Switcharoo” which not only jukes out the ganking fleet but looks pretty cool as well, not to mention the salt you’ll get in local. :dealwithitparrot:



+1 for more idiots in Pochven (hope for filament change soon)

“The combat fleet then decloaks and engages the ganker fleet with fast locking and high DPS.”

No need, concord and faction police takes care of that. If you make gankers undock and flee to trig space, you won, since they cant dock back.

No, the filament will not work if the bait ship is being targeted, which means at least one ganker ship would need to be fit with sensor boosters to lock the bait ship as soon as the ganker ship is able to lock after landing.

The goal is to not make Concord show up, but to needle jack the bait ship out, then decloak and keep the gankera interested by presenting several expensive ships to chew on.

Very nice, I will have to try it.

That’s not how ganking works, buddy. The moment the Orca is safe, that’s it. The rest is just whoring on CONCORD’s killmails.

This plan has a lot of moving parts and untested theory and mistakes are 8 figures.

Another approach:

Take something covops cloakable (a helios?) and a DPS-fit exequror into a system popular with campers and deposit them into an NPC station (during a quiet time, not when there’s an active camp)

When you see the gate now camped, slip into your helios and go, cloaked, to somewhere near the gate.

Assess the team, there will be one guy sitting still, he’s your target.

While cloaked, make an approach to within 20km or so. Not so close as to decloak, but close enough that you don’t have a long way to go during phase two. Save a bookmark and skirt your way back to the station.

Slip into your exeq, warp to your bookmark (careful with that bubble, eugene!) and burn straight to your target, no orbiting, just approach, target, fire, stay on him, maybe try to get the pod if you’re lucky.

You will then promptly die. Which is part of the plan. It’s a suicide run.

Wowzers you are so very smart ! wish I knew how to bait gankers

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with the Orca gone, the thread has ben removed, attacking the gankers will just lead in you getting removed by Concord. unless you let them have the first shot advantage, but that won’t happen if the bait is gone.

or do i miss somethings?

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or atternativly skip steps 1 - 11, watch local and dscan, then fly to a safe bm if danger looms.

Try it on sisi… oh wait…

To soon?

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Most gankers are already -10 to begin with so Concord will not intervene.

You clearly do not understand CONCORD in highsec.

Any aggression in High Sec Concord responds Depending on the sec status determines how fast they respond. 1.0 being the fastest response 0.5 being the slowest.

Any pilot with -5.0 or less down to -10 also will be hunted by the faction police. Regardless if an aggressive act happened. Which means they can’t sit still w/o being caught by the faction. But it is possible to out run the faction police. Also, Capsuleers are free to shoot -10 through -5 players w/o getting Concord on their behinds for the action.