Ganking question

I used to do quite a lot WH exploration and earning a few
I wonder if I should switch role and being a ganker?
I don’t have much pvp skill
And I could fly a T1 dessi fit properly for the job
Do I need a cloaking device? I mean yh it’s help alot in not getting scan down but are they necessary? Can you still gank without it?
And how long is the miniplex took before it expired
As a explorer I hit dscan every 5 sec so it’s a high possibility I’ll lose my prey before I get to him
Can someone show me the ropes?

Sure m8, me n Nitshe gank all the time. Fly wit us out to Tama then back to Uedrama, show you the ropes.

Come to Uedama in an untanked freighter carrying 26 billion ISK of cargo and we’ll show you the ropes…

You are not actually helping. Having more gankers is good, so how about you try that again?


A cloak is actually not a good idea. It will not serve you anything and instead just increase the time it takes for you to lock your target, which is pretty much the opposite of what you want.

Suicide ganking off gates and stations is just like shooting anything else, except with a few added details. You need to know how long it takes for CONCORD to show up in your respective system (google it), and thus you need to know how much damage you have to put out to destroy your target before CONCORD kicks your ass.

You can gank in anything. Even in frigates. Though be aware that ganking under sentry fire is a different matter. If you want to suicide gank at stations or gates, you should be using my double- or tripple-volley thrasher. You need the tank, otherwise the sentry turrets will fry your ass pretty quickly. Given a bit practise, it allows you to shoot shuttles and light frigates AND their pods in one go.

There are lots of possible variations of how to fit it.
This is one of them:

Simply adjust to your skills. I’ve developed it specifically for people who are low on money and skillpoints.

Good Luck!


Killing people in WH’s and null isn’t ganking its PvP



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I thought ganking is like looking for a prey, chase it down the prey mostly helpless or don’t have anything to fight back usually end up with “cursing” (like lion hunting deer)
And pvp is like a street fight, you looking for a fight
Giving out all you got and see who is the last one standing
and it’s usually end up with “GF”
Correct me if I’m wrong

Well its not, if you’re flying around in WH’s or null sec you’re consenting to being shot at, a gank requires no consent and normally results in NPC retaliation

PvP only means player vs player, a gank is normally done against a target that is in a place it doesn’t expect to be shot at, such as an unprovoked attack in high sec which normally results in concord getting upset, if you’re flying outside of high sec you’re already accepting that people can attack you without reason and you’re consenting to that :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, you are wrong Krall… Ganking is basically warping to a target, shoot it with a high DPS ship, kill it before CONCORD arrives, and then CONCORD kills you. And it happens in High Sec.

You will lose your ship, sec status, and you will very soon be a red flagged criminal…

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Oh I see
Welp better fix it then
How to close this topic anyway?

No the term you used is fine. Ganking refers to more than just ganking in highsec.

Ganking in most games typically refers to killing a weaker or unprepared enemy / target. That play style is very possible in wormholes. If you wanna hunt explorers there are definite ways of achieving that.

Ships with a cloak are definitely a great idea as it allows you to sneak into a favorable position before striking. Ships like stealth bombers, cloaky T3 cruisers, stratios, and even the astero are good ships for this.

There are people who define themselves through their killboards. They believe they can make up their own definition of what PvP means and someone who tells them that it is just fantasy puts their screwed self image into jeopardy, so they have to continuously tell everyone what “real PvP” is and thus indirectly telling everyone that they are the “real deal”.

Just stick to what it means, really. PvP = Player vs Player = Two players are involved. It is that simple. Everything else is usually just nonsense coming from insecure people who constantly have to tell people that they are the “real deal” and everyone who else is “doing it wrong”.

Imagine a world where everyone can declare his definitions and understandings as “the truth”. We would end inabsolute chaos. That is why intelligent people stick to what is real and ignore that which stems from pure fantasy, potential mental illness and a seriously insecure ego.

I am actually waiting for the time when such behaviour will be declared a mental illness, because it is completely detached from reality. These people put their egos in front of what matters, and that is a serious problem.

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Gank targets are players.

Nothing more to add. It really is that simple.

Attacking a player doesn’t however make it a gank, if you’re outside of high sec and someone attacks you thats not a gank its consensual PvP, if i attack you in high sec then thats a gank attempt, i mean you can continue to use the word wrong if you like but that won’t make it correct :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sure, man, you are right.
There, now you can feel better. vOv

If you now pull a Salvos, you will likely amuse quite a few people around here. : - )

I would actually argue against this. Ganking someone can easily be and is often considered when you kill a weaker or unprepared person with a stronger ship.

Example: Going around Nullsec killing VNIs that are fit for ratting.

Example: Rolling your C5 static and tackling a Rorqual that was moon mining.

The ganking most people associate with Highsec is actually “suicide” ganking. I don’t think the OP was referring to this though.

@Krall_J_Rnlav if you elaborate we can better help you out.


You’re in null, you consent to be ready for PvP when you undock :stuck_out_tongue:

Same as above, you’re in a WH, if you’re not paying attention you deserve to be parted from your ship

Well if it wasn’t a suicide gank the OP screwed up by making himself a valid target and that takes extra effort meaning he very much consented :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that you consent to PVP when you undock, as this is a PVP game on a single-shard server. What I’m saying is:

Ganking someone can easily be and is often considered when you kill a weaker or unprepared person with a stronger ship.

Again, I agree. This is not the point I’m making.

I’m not quite sure how the OP screwed up here or made himself any more of a target than anyone else that undocks. He appears to be a player that is seeking information and advice on a play style that he is interested in but doesn’t know much about.

You seem to be hung up on the consent aspect that most High Sec players get hung up on when they whine and complain about suicide ganked. I’m not talking about consent as I, like you, agree that you consent to PVP when you undock. I’m saying that “ganking” easily refers to PVP in the same variety as I described above in my examples. I’ll state them again:

Example: Going around Nullsec killing VNIs that are fit for ratting.

Example: Rolling your C5 static and tackling a Rorqual that was moon mining.

The mechanics are different in High Sec in such a way where open combat (aside from Wardecs and other varieties of Crime Watch) doesn’t allow conventional “ganking” which is why the term “ganking” is mostly associated with “suicide ganking” in High Sec.

In most cases I would consider any of the examples above to be players intentionally seeking out kills that they know are going to be easily one-sided. That’s assuming the VNI doesn’t have a cyno fit, or the Rorqual isn’t bait for a heavy armor fleet logged off in their Fortizar.

I don’t want to get into a battle of definition, but the EVE-Uni wikipedia also says this about “Ganking”:

Then there’s “Suicide Ganking”:

So I would infer that from the OP stating that he has a history of exploration, that he may now be interested in learning how to hunt in those areas of space that he had explored in previously.


We shall agree to disagree, the fight being “unfair” doesn’t make it a gank, if i shoot corvettes in a titan its not ganking them its just fighting them at a disadvantage, that in itself is the very nature of EVE there are very few “fair” fights and by your definition, most of my fights would be “ganks” as the SP advantage means i’m nearly always flying a “more powerful ship”