Ganking question

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Can anyone answer my question please?..

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Fair enough. I just find your use of the term “ganking” one-dimensional.

Explain exactly what you want to do and we can help. Do you want to be in highsec and kill haulers and miners with suicide ganking (where concord blows up your ship afterwards) or do you want to fly a cloaky ship around in various areas of space where you can pounce on them suddenly?

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I did mention all of it on my first thread
I do wh so I have little knowledge about scanning and probing
I want to gank explorers or gas-ter
Do I need a cloak for the job
Is it necessary?
If I use the miniplex how long is it take before expired?
What should I gank with and how should I approach my prey?
*Edit: which probe launcher should I fit?

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Don’t forget your CODE permit.

(Faylee Freir) #25

Fit up an astero or stealth bomber and go hunt in wormholes. You probably don’t want to fight right on the wormhole as they can easily jump before you kill them.

(Krall J'Rnlav) #26

Which probe launcher should I use
Can I do it with T1?
Do I need a cloak?
astero and bomber are too expensive for me right now so… I prefer cheap one as possible

(Faylee Freir) #27

I don’t advise you do this then if they are too expensive for you to buy and use, much less use and risk losing.

Go find a low class WH corp to join and learn the ropes. If you want to excell at something in eve it takes doing your part in learning. I will give you a head start:

You want to to an expanded probe launcher if you want to probe down other ships, although a large part of hunting is learning how to use your D-Scan and not spoiling them with probes.

The ships you can kill are limited by what you’re flying. The only ships that can use a covops cloak and be sneaky like that are T2 or T3.

You don’t have to use a cloak I don’t guess. You could easily use a Combat Recon like a Curse, which doesn’t show up on D-Scans.

Edit: There are video guides on YouTube that show you how to combat probe and use your dscan to pinpoint targets.

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