Abyss PVP Stalemate Is Unacceptable - Solution Provided Below

Thank You CCP for the 25% Resist Debuff after 8 min, but this does not go far enough.


25% resist debuff after 7-min

another 25% resist debuff after 14-min

another 25% resist debuff after 21-min

This should solve the problem.

For Abysss PVP to have a chance at being good. We need a true " two ships enter, one ship leaves "

*side note: pvp room loot can could be a bit better


CSM got anything to say about this?

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I‘m not from CSM, but I agree on that. It is still possible to stalemate after the nerf. Especially when fighting passive Gilas(and there are tons of them, every 2nd kill is a Gila).

Loot should be better, I agree there as well. Most of the time its just some materials. When you risk an expensive ship, you should get good rewards.
The damagemutas are already cheap(unstable magstab mutas go for just 50 mil in Jita).

What also could be great is a warning message when activating the gate similar when entering lowsec, as newer players don’t know the risk.

I like it - I’ll add it to my list of stuff.

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just use the AT tiebreaker method (reverse Time dilation)

Brisc Rubal, if you can get this fixed soon, you would be my Hero, Foreva.

It’s on my list.

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Just a quick note here as I don’t know if it warrants an entire thread, but honestly the arena should be a separate filament. You would see MUCH higher participation rates if it wasn’t gated behind PvE content that requires very specialized ships.

I hope you can make CCP finally aware on that that 25% aren’t enought.
In the F&I I proposed:

25% after 6 minutes (80% resistance becomes 75%)
50% after 12 minutes (80% resistance becomes 70%)
100% after 18 minutes (80% resistance becomes 60%)
and 0 resistances in the last 5 minutes before the timer ends (80% resistance becomes 0%)

without that it really feels like the Vedmak and the Curse are the only two ships where you can be good in. I know that this could potentially make the Curse a little dominanter as it then can wait for the resistance debuff when hitting a passive gila. But it would also allow other ships to become good, including some cheaper ships for people that don’t want to spend like 10bil on a ship+pod

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