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make it so abyssal t5 drops more loot would be great 2

red loot price increase from 100.000 to 200.000 would be awesome 2

I heard EVE echoes rewards you for being a total carebare, no gank eithers in highsec in actual fact… no pvp at all. Sounds like your kinda place.

You care about yourself, not the game.

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So much red in this water…

Dunno man, seems fishy

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The Mafia sees no point in this suggestion its nearly impossible to get ganked coming out of abyssal space. As said above the gankers probably scanned your bling gila and tracked your home down. (Really not hard)
Then they just stalked you. Found you while your running and yah. I have lost a gila in the abyssals but never to gankers.

Just hide your bling don’t put your self on the gankers radar and be smart in anti gank methods. Its a lot more then brick tank.

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I agree with you, but i dont have friends in eve and i cant run T4s since loot drop is very small and in T5s i get much better loot. I can take something from your advice there and try to make it happen.

Nah i cant do eve echoes, no mobile games only PC :smiley:

It’s incremental. I doubt T4s pay out less than 60-70% of T5s. Factor in the risk of losses from various sources, and it’s likely that T4s either result in higher income over time, or at least come very close to T5s.

If you know how to counter abyssal gank then tell me. But not to involve friends or any side help. I am Solo player thats why i do abyssal i do not depend on other people. So tell me how to solo prevent gank and also not to use 2nd accs just you on your own ?

Yes T4s pay less then T5s. Everyone who ever did t4s and t5s know this the isk is in T5s not t4s. And that how should be bigger risk comes bigger reward.

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Well, that’s what I said; T4s are around 60-70% of T5s.

sorry, didnt understand at first :smiley: XD

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