Adding Abyssal Deadspace Encounters for larger ship types


I was hoping to put an idea forward about creating Abyssal Deadspace content for larger sub capital ships (battlecruisers and battleships) and capital ships for players to run as a PvE option. I enjoy flying the larger ships and would love to have more content to use them in.


It was already suggested in different places many times, the problem of “heavier” ships in abyssals is that they mitigate incoming damage mostly by their tank but not speed/positioning and thus your proposed content will turn into slogfest of players infinitely tanking rooms while mostly standing still in their alligator/rattle/marauder etc.


Yip it would be boring as hell and once you have a fit that works it will just always work no matter what.

Not to mention that the current abyss is a single balance that works for cruisers/desi/frig and if they where to add more ships they would have to have a whole seperate balanced instance for the new ships as you can’t let half or a quarter of a ship in.

Hard no.

The abyss is just fine with cruisers being the max.

A larger ship will just auto pilot the content and ruin the whole point of manually piloting your ship vs face tank and changing resists based on the type of site.


That is a good point. It is just pity that you cant take strategic cruisers in, althoug I undersstand that this would probably mess with the balance…