Why are we limiting abyssal deadspace?

Questions simple… Why have we limited abyssal dead space to only specific cruiser size ships? Can’t we get some battlecruiser sized sites? Maybe some battleship size sites? Not everyone likes to use a crappy cruiser… you cant even use a t3c!

All I am saying is you brought out this wonderful content, and still haven’t made it accessible to all subcaps in some way or another. Why not make a tier 6 or 7, and make it for larger ships =/? I would love to see this 1v1 pvp expanded into something awesome.

–One dudes opinion.

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I’d guess hey did it to try and balance the power disparity between senior players who use multi billion isk ships in highsec to farm with no risk and more junior players for whom the content is really intended.

Giving you another “incursions” where you can play hours on end with multibillion isk ships making a reasonable return on that investment with no danger was most probably intentionally and expressly avoided in their design process.

It’s game breaking.

That level of pve with no risk is bad for the game. You’re bypassing the risk/reward paradigm that applies to all the people making elevated returns in null, low, and wh space.

I’ve got another thread proposing that endgame hardware like triglavian and T3 be banished from highsec to inflate the relative capabilities of the newer players and the t1 ship selection.

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Im not focusing on the pve aspect of it. I want pvp, as stated above. I understand the idea that these are a good pve way to make isk, but the pvp aspect is super unique and very cool, expanding upon THAT is what I actually want.

Personally even if the sites were worth 2 billion isk a piece i’d still never do them. I have my own ways of making isk that are much easier and guaranteed.

Hmm, in that case I can live with it.

Anything that brings about the destruction of the elite isk hoarders is worth it.

I still think the isk faucet would be more damaging than the risks would outweigh.

I just want more pvp options than going out to lowsec and getting a cap dropped on my battlecruiser -_-. It’s very irritating the game is in the state it is, this is easily the revival of fair pvp, and yet I am forced to use crap ships I have no interest in.

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I agree that the problem right now is the absence of PvP options in highsec.

Your forgetting that you can do abyssals anywhere :slight_smile: including wormholes. They can be done in highsec (and are likely primarily done in highsec) but there are plenty of others who do it elsewhere, I see wormholers doing it all the time!

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