Co-op/Fleet Abyssal deadspace

Probably already discussed, but I think the title speaks for itself. Cruiser only/specific role co-op/fleet Abyssal deadspace would be the resource wars we never had. My corp would certainly login for that content.


So incursions but cruisers only?

3-5 player would be great, makes it something different from the 10-30man stuff we already have.

Personally I’d love more content, but only if it is done right and CCP just doesn’t seem to get it. In its current iteration Abyssal space is already kinda “Resource Wars 2.0”, especially the F4s and F5s. I already quit doing all of it on TQ and I’m not the only one, just look at these forums and ask in game.

I would also like Battleship burner missions.

If they scaled it up to 2-3 cruiser difficulty and still kept T3Cs out then they might as well allow a single battleship instead of the cruisers to enter.

But its all useless if they don’t get risk vs reward correct. Right now its right down stupid amount of risk for measely rewards. Either seriously relax the bling reqs, or up the reward or seriously tweak some of the abyssal space mechanics. Fix the current one 1st then go for the extras.


Battleship Burners (which could include T3C), more missions (variety) and Battleship class filaments. They need to buff Abyssal space loot on F3 filaments to include more Isogen-10 and F3 Zero-Point. There should also be a higher chance of Gravid mutaplasmids in F3 filaments as well. Triglavian SKINs and gear would also be in demand.

The problem is that the Trig stuff just isn’t that good. They lack rigs, implants, Faction radiation sinks and other modules. They need a balance pass so they’re somewhat more useful outside of PvP.

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I wouldn’t want to see a full fleet going into the Abyss. But I did hear rumor the other day of a 2nd ship entering the Filament portal. Whether that’s your support, or someone intent on killing you inside. I’d be onboard for something like that.

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just finished survey, and though to put it here too.
timer is very annoying, and you can’t really be distracted by wife and/or kids because of it. RL don’t mix too well with this activity. Even it puny F1-F2 , with ubertanked ship - you are dead. This have a very noticable chilling effect. (Yeah , I once left World Collide running to go and do shopping , while sitting in Marauder :smile: )
its best to either remove it or make it so you pushed out of pocket when its runsout, w/o any goodies. Make 1 last crate at the final exit gate. And put all good stuff in it. So either you reach it and take it , or timer runs out and you pushed out, OR you are overwhelmed by rats and killed anyway :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Kill 2 rooms then grab the crate. All you have to do after that is kite.

Of course, the crate would be locked until you kill all the rats. That’s a common enough mechanic already.

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