Abyssal mechanics info

All I need to know if anyone can help is how the abyssal hole or gate works with normal space

1 when a pilot exits the abyssal at what point does the hole appear in normal space , when he activates the gate or as he comes out.

2will the hole show on Dscan or will you need probes to scan it down.

A number of gankers have started killing Abyssal runners as they come back from their run , we are trying to find a way of interception these gankers so any info would help.

Thxs from your friendly Anti-ganker and asshat hunter

Githany Red

Ps please do send us info on how gankers killed you , all info can help us and just report any group you see in-game in the anti-ganking channel

the hole can be scanned with probes
depending on the color one can see if is a hard or easy one
no one can enter
but they can camp and wait for the pilot to come out
there is a paradoxical effect to this
if you are in a kinda hidden system your hole will be the only one
if you are in jita for example there will be several
it become harder for the gankers to know if is worth it because they dont know who is inside

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Just what I wanted thank you

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The best way against abyss runner ganks is to educate people how CCP made it 100% safe to run.

  1. Always run in Jita
  2. Carry a couple easy T1 filaments
  3. When you come out and see gankers don’t move, just jump back to a T1 (maybe Pochven works too, not sure)
  4. Repeat until gankers give up

If you run it outside Jita, gankers can deploy a depot, which prevents you jumping back under invul timer.

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From the ganker side … when there was still suspect flag, the higher filament market was controlled by the hunters, so people knew who to run locator agents on. I was doing it differently by following the various abyss runner channels for people asking about T4 fits, etc, scanned YT videos, plus random scan tours into dead end pockets.

The main aspect of hunting are locator agents, so I waited a few jumps out to not spook the local until the locator shows the runner went into the next Abyss, jumped then to the system, probed, positioned on trace, and deployed the depot … and wait :slight_smile:

This hunt tactic works as long as the runner doesn’t use wormholes … which a few of my victims moved into after their loss.

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Noooooo I want to kill them, the gankers that is

Whore on Concord kills? Abyss ganks are alpha strikes usually, so not much you can do to prevent anything, except scaring the gankers away with threatening their loot as usual.

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I see your point but we have a plan , I’ll let you know if it works :blush:

Ok, I’m curious :slight_smile: Bumping the waiting gank ships around may be an option … but me would just try stealing the loot or kill the hauler.

Last time I tried in Perimeter the gankers just gave up when I showed on grid and moved to next target.

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