Tips For Hunting Abyssal Runners

Setup your overview. The new Abyssal Trace is off by default, they are all over the place, but you won’t see them unless you turn this one on. Same for dscan and probles.

Tackle immediately or they will just jump into another Abyssal Deadspace or per @Ima_Wreckyou drop a depot or tractor unit and they can’t do that

99% of the bears will be flying a gila, so plan to defeat that ship.

Bears in Abyssal do not show up on local (this is also a secret FU to the remove local crowd).

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Drop a depot or tractor unit and they can’t do that.


Hey Salt, your 2nd tip was wrong. You might wanna go read some of the other threads before you bother making one of your own. =)

Yup. I was so disappointed on the first day of this at the C&P threadnaught and nobody had even thought of this

edit main post, thanks

Or, seeing you know all this, you could, you know, contribute?

First off… I know for a fact that when you try to start a new thread, it suggests other similar threads. So you knew you weren’t the first person to make suggestions like these.

And second, why is this listed in Crime and Punishment, instead of PvP? Where I’ll bet most of the others are already.

You want me to contribute? How about I just start posting links to the other threads. Like the ones that already discussed anchoring something next to the exit point so they can’t duck back inside.

Or I can laugh at your 3rd point. Because Abyssal Space isn’t just a Deadspace pocket like you’d find running a mission. It’s more like going into a 3 room Wormhole and then coming back out. So of course, they won’t show up in Local. You don’t see the names of people inside J123456 when you’re sitting outside their exit. If you look at the KMs of people who lost ships running Abyss sites, you’ll see they have their own names and labels (in Triglavian script, no less).

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Which pretty much covers every topic in EVE that is more than 10 minutes old.

It has to do with another thread concerning possession of mutaplasmids. Making content sometimes involves having a reason to do something.

Contribute?? How dare you! :rofl:

Oh, wait, I found this in an older thread…

It shows Gila kills and how to chase Abyss runners.

The only way to kill abyssal runners in highsec now is to gank? or is that change been rolled back?

Nope, they still havent changed it back.

Must need more “testing”

Is this still a valid mechanic?

how do you find the abyssal runners in the first place?

Add “Abysal Trace” to your overview, dscan and probes.

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