I think I found the perfect staging area for doing Abyssal Deadspace

Here’s my criteria for what would make up the perfect system or string of systems for doing lots of Abyssal Deadspace:

  1. Security status is 0.5, or just above depending on the tiers you’re running, so that you can avoid the suspect status flag after doing runs.

  2. NPC buy orders for red loot in the staging system or very nearby to the staging system.

  3. Close proximity to a trade hub for convenience and whatever else you are doing.

  4. Cheap jump clones so that you are paying less to switch.

  5. Good support for other optional activities (mining, exploration, low sec systems).

After looking around today, I found a place that has all of these things. The line from Hai in Domain (0.5 security) goes through a 0.6, then a 0.7 (Mamenkhanar). Mamenkhanar has NPC buy orders for Triglavian Surveys and a public Athanor that is selling jump clones for 95k ISK. Amarr is only 3 jumps away from Mamenkhanar, so you can make it to a trade hub easily. There’s also a public refinery with a good tax rate for mining and some nearby low sec systems for shenanigans and exploration. Customs offices in the nearby low-sec systems have a pretty standard 10% tax rate.

If you’re wondering why I’m posting this, it’s because I think it would be nice to get more Abyss runners into the same area. Abyss is set up to support group activities, yet aside from multi-boxers there doesn’t seem to be a lot of actual groups doing Abyss content, which I think is a shame. But if we could get more people into the same system or chain of systems (people who do higher tiers could base out of the nearby 0.5 system, then sell their red loot in the 0.7 on the way to Amarr) I think it might provide the foundation for more group Abyssal Deadspace running.

Edit: Some people have suggested to me that suicide gankers might camp such a system to attack Abyss runners. I personally don’t think this would be viable long term because they’d be trying to suicide gank people who are always in combat ships for likely lower profit margins than what other forms of suicide ganking can offer.

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Sometime ago, I tried that alpha Corax build by Aceface on his youtube video. At the time, it was an expensive funeral for me. I didn’t last at all in there. Since then, I have pretty much been doing what I know. Maybe now that I am ISK rich, I will give it another shot this week.

While I won’t worry about suicide gankers until I have the goods, I sell between Dodixie and Jita. Dodixie has a lot of 0.5 systems close at hand. Hek is 0.5 and has a decent trade depot. Also to anyone new to this, those filaments only work in dead space, so you will need to warp across the system and drop a location marker out somewhere in the path. I believe Aceface shows you that trick in his video.

Fly safe o7

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Didn’t the New Eden Police Force (-NEPF) announce to run an Abyssal-Protection Area? Don’t know if that ever came out of planning phase though…

You forgot nr 6. I don’t run abyssals (yet), but it would be one of my main priorities above number 2, 3 and 5 for me, especially if you’re going to fly blinged out ships:

6. Not commonly known by others as an Abyssal staging system, in order to not attract unwanted attention.

Nr 6 means that whatever system you just broadcasted as ‘the perfect staging’, isn’t the perfect staging.


Numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5 are either inconsequential or make sure it’s not the perfect system for it.

Most abyss ships aren’t buffer tanked to maximise their defense to highsec gankers. With the long response times, ganking abyss runners in 0.5 systems can be done very profitably. The more people who run filaments in one area, the more consistent the targets are for gankers.

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