How to counter Abyssal hunters/gankers and move your stuff in high-sec safely


I recently made a Gila fit for T5 electrical/Exotic see bellow…

Gila and T5 running fits can be quite expensive. Making it a attractive target for suicide gankers to hunt.

So what can you do to protect your expensive ship/modules from gankers? It’s quite simple really :slight_smile:

The most effective method I found as follows:

1st you need to find a high-sec system at least 3 jump from Jita (preferably more then 3 jump and it helps a lot if the system is 1.0 or 0.9 status as it take less time concord to arrive)

2nd you need a safe spot somewhere in space. (preferably outside of d-scan range ( 14.3 AU) from stations/gates)

3rd you need an alt who can fly an Orca or Bowhead. (The alt that is flying the orca I use it for SP farm.)

-You simply park the Orca/Bowhead next to the Abyssal Trace and D-scan the area when ever you got time. Meanwhile your T5 runner finish the Abyssal.

-In the event of a gank you just simply remain relaxed as you have 1 minute invulnerability as you exit the Abyssal.
-Simply approach with your Orca/Bowhead the Gila (2,500m) and switch over to the Gila and right click on the Orca and select Open Fleet Hangar.
-Transfer everything from your cargo to Orca’s Fleet Hangar (make sure it’s enabled for fleet/corp members see bellow how to and yes you have to be in fleet or in the same corp for it to work)
-Then last thing to do is right click on Orca once more and select Store Vessel then warp off with your pod.

  • If you worried that they may bump your orca away from the gila just simply approach the Gila/safespot from more then minimal jumping range (150km) and warp to 0 when ready :slight_smile: or use more then 1 ocra for this purpose with SP farming so it doesn’t cost you anything monthly to operate all the Orca pilots…

This is the fit/setup I use with my alt.

Make sure you enable fleet/corp members to use Fleet Hangar/Ship Maintenance Bay by sliding the separator to the right and selecting small icons!!!

Illustration while you in space and right click on the Orca. Open Fleet Hangar then transfer everything because you cant store your ship unless cargo is empty (ammo,drugs allowed to stay) Then Store Vessel when ready and warp off with pod :slight_smile:

This is the Badger I use for transporting stuff with cloak and MWD. I use faction cloak because it does not require as much skill point to use. I also use Dock/UnDock bookmarks at stations to prevent anyone scanning my ship. An upgrade would be to use Crane for faster transport.
Be sure your align time is 10s or less
After your jumped a gate simply align your ship and then in quickly use Cloak+MWD… wait for MWD cycle to end then un-cloak and hit warp right after. This way the gate gankers has no chance to lock your ship


Appreciate the effort for a useful guide, but two considerations for you:

  • Abyssal gankers will have a short-lock tackler on hand, and if your ship gets aggro, you won’t be able to dump it into the ship bay (someone correct me on this if I’m wrong, but I think this is how it’s been since they patched it out in like 2012 or 2013). It will take much less time to put aggro on you than for you to clear the cargo and store the ship, even if you use a macro for it.

  • Why aren’t you using a T2 covert hauler for transportation? Those things can’t be cargo-scanned, align in less than 3 seconds, warp super-fast, and have 20,000+ EHP. Disgustingly overpowered ships, even though I use them myself.

I think the best way to stay safe is to find a big system somewhere, make a deep safe, and run sites that way. Chances are you won’t be found that way.

Also, I have a foolproof way of staying safe, but there’s no way I’m sharing that with the public.

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When you exit the Abyssal NOTHING can lock you or dmg you. You are 100% invincible for 1 whole minute and you can use this time to transfer your cargo then your ship and warp off with your pod after. Gankers cant even touch you in the whole process and cant do anything to nearly 500.000 ehp Orca.

Play the forum instead of the game.

Oopsie. I shared your secret.


You are only invulnerable if you don’t move. As soon as you start moving, you will lose the invulnerability.

I know. That is why I said use to orca mwd to move closer to the Gila…

The Gila does not move… only stand still and wait for orca to come within 2.500m and transfer everything including the ship

Fair enough. Seems I misread.

I already had some idea to somehow prevent ganking in my post

But i dont think CCP will add something like that.

or when you exit the abyssal the exit could be at a random location created upon exit so no one knows where you will exit in the system…

they will bump your ship out of orca range and you are done

we have tried it and Orca wins bumping race every time :slight_smile: you know how? I warp at 0 to the gila then :slight_smile: solved :slight_smile:

It wont work if they gonna bump your abyss running ship. you cant warp in to the scooping range anymore

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the orca moves 583m/s with MWD… it can easily get within 2,500m from the Gila and transfer everything fast.

whats the point of transfering loot to the orca when in the time u transfer they will destroy u ?

I write down already that they cant target you for 1 min so you have time to transfer everything safely…

You can’t transfer anything while cloaked…

why are you talking non-sense? you are not cloaked when you exit the abyssal lol…

But it’s got the same timer as coming out of gate cloaked. If you move, you break it, correct?

I can go and do a site later to test. I never paid attention to this because I’m not concerned about being ganked. But I would assume that any sort of invulnerability timer prevents actions, or if actions are performed, breaks the timer, since that’s how it works elsewhere.

moving breaks the timer but transferring stuff doesn’t… and when your ship is in the cargo u just warp off the pod easy

Does it actually allow you to transfer while the timer is in effect? Have you tested? Because as far as I know, these invulnerability timers have the same limitation that cloaking does.

If it does allow transfer while the timer is in effect, that would be an oversight by CCP, I think.