T5 Electrical Abyssal Sites in Gila Resistance Nerf “mid-late 2020”

Hi capsuleers!

A quick fit for those who looking for a reliable t5 electrical gila fit. I also show a cheaper alternative.
I make around 250m/hour with this setup and never have any difficulties tanking or worrying about running out of time (it take 15 min on average a run and looting everything using Warriors to destroy loot cans and MTU to pull the loot to the gate)

3.4b isk for fit and 3b isk for pod. (6.4b isk)

A cheaper alternative for 1.3b isk and you can use mid-grade crystals with 03 implants for 1b isk. (2.3b isk)

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Good luck and fly safe o7

Exotic fit see at:

stay safe

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I’d like to add:

-Anyone have any question feel free to ask on forum or message me in-game and I get back to you soon as I can.

-Anyone need any advice on how to run abyssal feel free to contact me and I can walk you through the process on how to run them effectively.

-If you are new player need help with lower tier fits/advice I can also help with that.

-For new players I can offer free starting ship with modules to get started (up to 50m isk :slight_smile: )

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