ISK/Hour stats after running 44 T5 Exotic Abyssal Sites in Gila

*updated at T5 Exotic Abyssal Sites in Gila *Update* Resistance Nerf "mid 2020"

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. The profit of any BPCs looted is included in these calculations. (after its been sold)

  2. Sold everything in Jita with Accounting at lvl 3 (exprect the Triglavian Survey Database which sold at a Concord station).

  3. These stats are only for T5 Exotic sites. The fit I use is specifically for exotic.

  4. The cost of purchasing T5 Exotic Filaments and any other cost e.g: drone repair/replace and ammunition is included in these numbers

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them.

-Loot Stats from running T5 Exotic Abyssals

-Number of Abyssals Run: 44

-Average Time per Abyssal: 15 Minutes

-Date: 28/02/2020 to 17/03/2020 (18 days)

-Total Profit selling in Jita: 3,004,000,000 ISK

-Average Profit per site: 68,272,727 isk

-Average Profit per hour: 273,090,908 isk


High-Grade Crystal Alpha

High-Grade Crystal Beta

High-Grade Crystal Gamma

High-Grade Crystal Delta

High-Grade Crystal Epsilon

High-Grade Crystal Omega

Inherent Implants ‘Squire’ Capacitor Management EM-805

Zainou ‘Snapshot’ Light Missiles LM-905

Zainou ‘Deadeye’ Rapid Launch RL-1005

Ship: Gila


4x Caldari Navy Rapid Light Missile Launcher (Scourge Fury Light Missile)


Pithum A-Type Medium Shield Booster
Gistum B-Type 10MN Afterburner
Thukker Large Cap Battery
‘Thurifer’ Large Cap Battery
2x Pithum A-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field


3x Imperial Navy Drone Damage Amplifier


2x Medium Core Defense Operational Solidifier I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II


8x ‘Augmented’ Warrior
6x Vespa II

Bosters: (never had to use any boosters but good to have just in case… makes me feel safer)

Antipharmakon Aeolis
Agency ‘Hardshell’ TB5 Dose II
Standard Blue Pill Booster
Agency ‘Pyrolancea’ DB5 Dose II

Also using ‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit for looting.


-After spawn in first room just approach gate.
-Activate afterburner and invulnerability fields.
-Target all loot cans and send 1 light drone on each.
-Pull back all light drones and destroy all NPC that Web/Neut first then destroy everything else.
-Drop MTU as soon as you are near the gate and orbit MTU at 500m and stop the afterburner to save cap.
-If the loot cans too far away as you spawn in then after you killed everything destroy the remaining cans with your light drones.

-Pro tips to maximise your isk/hour efficiency.

Position MTU between the gate and BS if there is any.
Destroy cans with light drones by pulling back 1 medium drone and letting 2 light drone out after you destroyed majority of enemy ships.
If you feel like you will run out of time by waiting for MTU to pull the loot do NOT hesitate to skip the loot and move on.
Do NOT forget to pick up the MTU. (I did it 2x cost me 700m isk.)

-Pro tips to not lose your ship due to gankers:

Use directional scanner before you go in abyssal to see what ships are nearby.
Identify players on local using zKillboard to determine if is it a suicide ganking player or not. (if you see suicide gankers in local do not undock.
If you have an alt you can use it to see who is outside waiting for you to come out.
If they camping you over a longer period of time just simply move your stuff over an other system but not all at once to minimize potential lose of modules.
Please dont fly expensive gila fit in high sec… remove the modules and use MWD + Cloaking industrial to move your expensive ships modules through high sec.

for those who looking for a cheaper fit here is an alternative (“only” 1.5b isk fit)


4x Rapid Light Missile Launcher II (Scourge Fury Light Missile )
Drone Link Augmentor I


Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Republic Fleet Medium Cap Battery
Gistum B-Type 10MN Afterburner
Pithum A-Type Medium Shield Booster
2x Pithum C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field


3x Drone Damage Amplifier II


Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
2x Medium Core Defense Operational Solidifier I


6x Vespa II
8x Warrior II

Instead of high-grade crystal set just use mid-grade crystal set


Now, to put this into perspective. You currently have invested 7.5b and have made 3b in ~11 hours over the span of 18 days. This is not only extreme dangerous content, but a single disconnection during that time and your investment likely is completely gone.

I wish you the best on your runs!


I think @Dragos_Highwind said it beautifully: you’re risking a lot for very little in return. Assuming you’re being honest - I don’t do abyssal sites -, the profit is pretty bad.


Dragos Highwind

i made more then 3b isk already doing t5 abyssal this is just the last 44 i did…

it not so dangerous if you take the necessary precautions and has close to maxed out skills and know what to do in every situation…

yes DC can kill me but I dont worry about it too much :slight_smile:

you can always use a much cheaper variation of this fit… its just me like flying in an expensive gila for fun… this fit honestly an overkill…

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Kace Robins

“you’re risking a lot”

you can always use a much cheaper variation of this fit…

“very little in return” “the profit is pretty bad”

270m isk/hour profit on average is little/bad? okeeey then… ^^’


Did you also include the time lost to not unlocking for gankers. The time to haul everything around to sell and any time managing the market or contracts? And the time to haul new consumables back to your Gila.

That’s a good summary but you didn’t mention accounting for time anywhere but the sites.

Nevyn Auscent

there is always else to do in eve so I’m not really losing any time
or just log in an alt who is in an other system and run abyssal there :slight_smile:

i dont include hulling and marketing time as it takes time depending on the distance and ship speed and what time of the day you selling stuff which may vary for everyone.

for me it take less then 1 hour per 1b isk profit to haul everything and sell everything so 3b is profit may take around 3 hour to haul and sell and resupply…

it may take you longer or shorter time depending on how good you are at managing your time and how far you are from where you selling your stuff

In comparison to the cost of the ship, yes.

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you invest 1.5b isk and you get 270m isk/hour so it take less then 6hour to break even…

You know that you also loose the Pod, right?

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you dont need any implant to do a T5… it just makes it more safer/comfortable… you can always use drugs instead :smiley: … it would cost a bit more per site but save isk on implants

never lost ship or pod in the abyssal by accident… i did lose a few ship on purpose because I was experimenting with stuff…

if you know what you doing then you are fine :slight_smile:

practice in lower tiers and move up as you feel comfortable… that way you learn the abyssal without risking much

if you never done a single T5 abyssal before and have no idea what to expect than there is a good chance you will die in a T5 no matter what skills/fit you have…

Dont worry, i did far over 200 T4/5 filaments. I also lost my fair share to stupid mistakes, DCs and Lag.
I also dont like the fear of loosing that much on a short DC, so i stopped after i couldnt be brothered to rebuy my ship.
Im sure that its worth it for many people, but for me personally its not worth the risk :slight_smile:

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@ Sarn Melkan

so what you do now then?

lvl 4 missions? low isk/h and you can still DC and lose your expensive ship… or ganked
mining in high sec? even lower isk/hour and you are still can be ganked and lose your ship
mining in low/null ? even more risk then abyssal and still very bad isk if u solo
exploring? low isk and high risk
hauling? even less isk then mining and still can be shoot by gankers…
plexing? low isk and high risk

there is not a single activity in eve that is considered a 100% 0 risk isk making method
even station trading is can be risky… all you need to do is add or not add a single 0 and you can lose a lots of isk or by simply buying something and cant even sell it for more then it cost you to buy

you need to take some risk to make any isk in this game…

abyssal does not take a lot of skill training to get it started and quite simple to do and for me it is low risk… and makes a very good amount of isk/hour compered to other activities

if you worried about DC so much then just make a passive shield tank gila and run t3-t4 gamma instead

no implant just 500m isk or less gila fit and you good to go… t4 gamma can make you around 100m isk/hour and you only risking 500m isk and t3 gamma can make you 50m isk/hour

Barely £20 for 11 hours work? seems low paid to me, you must enjoy them.

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why? what you do to make isk? :smiley:

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Bit of everything, trade, ratting, missions whatever i feel like doing if i feel like doing it, some injector sales, pvp mostly but im not plexing now as its just not worth the time and effort and i am now working.
Running burners in an enyo was ok because i would roam in a pvp fit with a couple of refits… but they nerfed the speed a bit which makes the burners more awkward to run; i dont think they have actually looked at the anomic rats stats, the jag still uses autocannons i beleve.

You can get the same (even more actually) ISK/h doing incursions, and any incursion group would love it if you and your alt came in with 7.5 bil bling Deadspace fits (would speed up site times by like rough estimate 2.5 minutes). You also don’t risk your 7.5 bil ship because you’d get SRP and stuff like that, and the Logi are so good at their job there’s leeway to DC (though still take precautions) and one or two mistakes.

I lost 1 bil doing lvl 3 abyssal sites… And I was using a ~meh fit (except that idiotic fit I put in this forum earlier, still lost my ship with much better fit). Don’t like them at all.

There’s upsides to this: you can do them solo and they’re a lot of fun. But speaking of solo you’d be better off in a group of 3 frigates, probably.

Last piece of advice, put your fit in importable format and tell us how much your big lvl5 bling fit costs.

Do they still have incursions?

Hi, tnx for this fit, but in pyfa all5 skill powergrid 104%
P.S. Sorry my bad, ‘Thurifer’ Large Cap Battery 240 PG, all ok

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Compare all that risk to someone that spends 150mil on a fw mission running ship and is pulling 1bil an hour :confused:

Abyssals should be more valuable in my opinion.

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