Abyssal PVE isk a hour range?

anyone calculated it yet?

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Its in severe flux right now and I don’t think all the drops are functioning as they are supposed to, I got a lot of weirdness for drops and droprates across 36+ instances ranging from T2 to T5. You can look around for posts oin it and look at the ingame channels, lots of people noticing this.

Add to that market prices are swinging wildly cause patch, droprates, all that stuff. So unfotunately even if you average it all out to get some sort of figure for now, it won’t be valid tomorrow, much less a couple days from now. its too early, have to wait for things to get fixed and market to settle and level off.

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It varies a lot on which type you run, your tactic and the situation on the market. But for me its somewhere between 300-700mil isk/h with T5s, which is consistent with what I heard from other pilots.

That good, huh?

Running T3 Darks in a Gila nets me around 120-150m per hour.

Well I made 200 mil + off a t1. Then just a few mats werth maybe a mil off a T2 after that. It varies, and as others said it is shortly after patch. The market has not balenced yet.

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