Abyss T4 & T5 Isk/Hour?

Hi, i’d like to know how much Isks / hour do you earn running T4 and T5 abyssal sites.


  1. As always. The correct answer is always 42.

Though… I that specail case… Since you will occasional lose your 600 milions ships + implants… It is rather -42.

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I know about the risk.

My question was about the reward.


Abyss is not about the reward. It is about unique scenary, atmosphere, unpredictable NPC spawns and that feeling, when you have won and survived…
You want ISK - sell the plex. No activity will ever beat that source of ISK.

Still not answering the question.


Cause there is no answer. Abyss is like exploration. Two days nothing, than a jack pot. One never knows, what is in the loot cans. Concidering unevitable loss of the expensive ships you will be in the same ISK / hour as any other high sec activity at the end of the week.


Because they don’t know. CCP recently released a graph of how much of the population were doing abysses. A fair amount were doing 4s but a miniscule amount have been doing 5s. It’s a pretty niche activity according to their statistics.

Early reports were pretty high, in the multiple billions per hour but that was before the market adjusted. My guess is it’s still pretty high, but many players seem to believe that one unlucky spawn can destroy your ship. I’m no abyss expert but my guess is you need max capacitor and propulsion disruption skills in order to survive the neuting spawns. Max everything pretty much, and an expensive ship, and 3+ bil in implants, and drugs may also be required. I think like anything in eve, only the strongest are able to complete the hardest sites while everyone else complains that “they’re too hard.” And those that are able to consistently complete the tier 5s, stay quiet about it. If you look at any extremely “high level” PVE in eve, guides are limited because folks want to limit competition.

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I haven’t see anyone mentioning drugs, but I’m assuming that these will work great in Abyss sites, because the effects won’t die with a pod and are significantly cheaper than implants, while of course stack with implants.

There is Synth Mindflood for 3% more cap, and the stronger versions with possible side effects. The current events also drops some interesting boosters like the Overclocker booster for more speed.

You can use a citadel to re-roll your side effects by switching clones.

Theres also Antipharmakon Aeolis for 8% cap

Suitonia uses drugs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjKLIkU_UAI


Its because tehre isn’t one. Too many people have gone into high negatives. It is completely random. You may or may not be among the lucky ones. You have a very high chance of turning no profit at all or going into losses.

My personal experience with it is that after the market stabilized for abyss stuff, T3s and lower are completely and utterly not worth running because simply I can make a ton more guaranteed ISK for the same amount of time it takes to get lucky from those.

T4s are a bit better but still not worth it, you will still end up losing ships + pods on one of the guaranteed loss spawn combos. You just can’t fit your ship to accomodate all the combinations.

T5s are completely not worth it. The ships they require to consistantly complete them are stupid rediculously expensive and a single loss, which is a guaranteed will set you back a lot.

And thats not even including the PvP resulting from scannable exit and suspect timer, that’s just the PvE. So unless you’re flying them in null in your primary system where there are tons of friendlies around for cover at all times that can respond rapidly, or a closed wormhole or somethign like that, its completely not worth it altogether.

So the answer to your question is ISK / hour = negative whatever you lose. There is no average positive. It does not exist with perhaps the exception of what I listed above.

In other words, you don’t have an answer either. You only don’t know and you think your comment is the answer.


Do you have Capacitor Management V (its a 2 week train)? Capacitor Systems Operations V? Fuel Conservation V? Propulsion Jamming V (another 2 week train)? Are you using the right drugs? Are you re-rolling your side effects with a citadel?

Do you truly believe that CCP designed something that simply always leaves you in the negative? Or is it more likely that the vast majority of people are missing one small but vital part of the puzzle?

With all due respect Moe, aren’t you the same guy that said “Level 5 missions aren’t worth doing” a few months ago, and it turned out you weren’t using faction pullers?

there’s always an answer. If you run for 10 or 20 hours and take an average I’d say that’s probably a decent sample, and the longer you run the better that sample gets. Of course you will end up with hours that are higher or lower than that average as there will be a bunch of RNG involved. Then how do ship losses count? Losing a few to learning the sites seems like something to write off as a learning experience, but if you just lose one to randomness every so often then it’s probably worth keeping track of.

well after resource wars it’s not unthinkable :stuck_out_tongue:

Joking aside Lets look at burner missions for a second, I’d say they are pretty well solved, and there is plenty of fitting and video documentation to go along with it. Yet still there are people that don’t look at any of that go lose a few ships and decide they are never going to even try burners again.

Abyssal deadspace is less solved and the stakes are higher as you need a shiny cruiser and pod, with the loss of everything on failure. Success requires min/maxing just about everything, and executing well. The number of pilots that can actually do all that is pretty low. And looking at the prices of some of the unstable stuff I’m not sure they want the secrets to get out.

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This is precisely how I see it. Wormholes, incursions and burners were pretty much all a ■■■■ show when they first came out. Eventually people figured it out. High tier abysses are no different, and in reality people are starting to figure it out. I’ve found nearly half a dozen guides on the Abyss already and I spend some time in the Abyss channel and I know with relative certainty that more and more people are finding success in the abyss as the community collectively figures things out. But I don’t think tier 5s will ever be super popular, just like c6 escalations or level 5 missions or nullsec burners. If they were easy, everyone would do them.


You try too hard to defend badly and lazily designed content.

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I’m glad to hear your kind words.

Work has been keeping me busy …

Didn’t even have time for my little officer hunting adventure let alone abyss.But the first one is more fun cuz you never know what you’ll find^^

Just for reference, there are players running T4 back-to-back for hours every day without a single loss to failures.

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Yes. I do. perhaps not initially, but thats what comes out in the final versions that come to TQ.

They fear the “git gud” crowd as well as NS powerblocks which has been proven time and again over and over. If there is any feature or content that might even remotely encroach on any of these then CCP backs down, they have no balls whatsoever to take an actual leap.

Did you know that the suspect timer for example was implimented exactly and precisely due to the crying of ceirtain CSMs and ganker corps supported by those NS powerblocks ? This at least is a fact, just dig up the posts if you need to verify it.

So yes, I firmly do believe they would design or alter things to be that bad because they have done so. Or perhaps they simply made a mistake and didn’t think market value of the loot would bottom out so low and now have given up on it just like Resource Wars, FOBs, other content.

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You know what the alternative was? Limiting T4/T5 to low/null/WH space. So you can be happy that the “lobby” helped allowing the higher tiers in highsec.