I won’t even bother talking about the marshalls, but how the fck can the rng be so garbage in abyssals? I’m getting on a t4 gamma filament 70% of the times 1.7m in triglavian data x cache, thisliterally x3 doens’t even covers the cost of a ■■■■■■■ filament, to thend die sometimes in a 500-600mil ship because I get so good rng that apart from garbage loot I get twice in a row a karen room with 5 dissipators which or couple scyta starving which is literally the counter to a passive gila.
Like there’s no way this is true rng but a forced algorithm that makes a player based on the number of times he survived in a row to get harder and harder rooms.

3 filaments in a row 0 drone rooms 0 chill rooms all ■■■■■■■ karens spawning at 30 km from me with 4 dissipators each room

how the fck can the rng be so garbage in abyssals

by design. its not about finding the one fit to rule them all. its about finding the fit that is cheap enough to still profit through the inevitable losses

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But I won’t profit with any fit if 70% of the times I can’t even cover the cost of the filament Xd And I can do the karen room with neuts but not two in a room and it’s the 2 and 3rd which I don’t wanna wait to much in case then I run out of time

A passive Gila can die in T4 Gammas? Or run out of time? How is that even possible? Do you have an Alpha account?

I’ve omega, you die when u run out of capacitor because the karen will blast you from 60km away while moving at 250m/s and not havint the reinforcer run out of time never happened

I have made at least 3bil from t4 electricals I have never died yet. I have faced every room spawn that t4s can throw at me. The only thing that can kill me is my ISP.


I lost like 3 of those due to neuts, karens, and more.

I run an active tank gila with rapture implants because I have them. :joy:

Calm down OP. It is your fit. It is not CCP’s fault you are getting killed. The passive tank gila is a bad fit.


For me it works better than the active at least the 400-500mil one because that one gets shreeded on 3 marshall rom+4-5 more edecom ships

Run electricals and have your shield booster always cycling because you get buff to capacitor lol. I heal way more than you do. Even with a modest abyssal booster or just t2 + amp will work just fine.

Starving vedmacks murder passive gilas because once you run out of cap your gonzo.

I lost so many passive gilas to those rooms I just switched to active and have never lost an active tanked gila yet.

I actually ran my active tank gila AS AN ALPHA (just had to swap out prop mod/change a rig) and it still worked. :joy:

If you want mail me in game and id be happy to send you a fit when I get on and explain how just investing some ISK can enable you to run t4s forever. Even t5s once I man up and try them.

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I can survive vedmak starving, and yeah those are hard af what I cna’t survive is a 2 room of karen+ 4 dissipators and the next room is literally the ■■■■■■■ same either I spend 5 mins which I don’t have recharging cap and shield or I yolo in which I did, tbh I wans’t expecting the same room in a row as I’d like to now what are the f odds

if its not worth then why doing it ?
if its not profitable then its just your fault dont blame anyone or anything else for your mistakes

maybe you should rethink about your setup or the filament your use !

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Because it shouldn’t be XD, tha’ts like saying after I get shot why do you put yourself in the middle of the bullet path XD

so every ship should do every filament and never gets killed ? oO
doesnt make sense ! then we only need 1 ship ingame …

itzy just your fault and you dont wanna realize it ! change something or die again

I can see you’re one of those… special ones… now please quote my statment where I said that everysingle ship should do filaments with a 100% survival rate… after that then proceed to try to understand that the main point is the fact that some of the rewards lately are garbage as they barely if at all on 70% of the cases cover the cost of the filament… and last one is for you to even try to understand that rng is not rng if there’s an algorithm that punishes people depending on their succes as the odds of encountering 2 of the same rooms in a row is extremlly low

Oh forgot to mention that You came here asking why I don’t stop doing them if they’re not profitable and I said they shouldn’t be non profitable, once you realized that your whole argument was stupid af, aswell as the following ones u tryed to swap topics still into stupid ones… but that will probably be solved in a few more quotes

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proofe theres an algorythme ! show these fact and i believe you otherwise you just blame CCP that they could not make it profitable for you

you didnt specify which term of mine you mean :wink:
and if its not profitable then dont do it or stop cry about it :slight_smile: there are many things that dont bring good income and ppl avoid this because better options or ppl do it because they dont care about profit and wanna have fun … you wanna have profit and doing a non profit thing ( for you non profit )

of course

chance get hit by a lightning is also very low and still there are ppl get hit once or twice or even a 3rd one in a row ! doenst make it an algorythme by “insert your favorite”

So I asked you to quote 1 thing which u said I said in here, yet you proceed to quote 4 other things and not a single one of them is it?
By the way, by your logic of “solving problems” in this case about the roi on filaments, I guess you as a doctor would tell to a patient with cancer to… not have cancer! because u wouldn’t solve the problem, as a police you would tell someone who just got shot to… DODGE THE BULLET! because the issue is not that someone shot him the issue is that he stood on the bullet path, I already said you’re one of those special ones… XD But thinking that the solution to a problem is don’t do it it’s utterly braindead

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you didnt say it but you apllied that you wanna survive any room with YOUR fit and its shitfit as other ppl say but you dont wanna change … so you wanna do anything with anything and dont wanna die

my solving problem = “i cant do it i change something that i´m able to do it”
your solving problem = “i cant do it everybody else need to change that i can do it”

You still don’t understand doesn’t if I can do it or not, because the issue is the rng involved in the drop of loot Xd which no player can change, in the very first post I stated that the issue is that for the price of a t4 gamma filaments the reward I’ve been getting in 70% of the times barely make for the cost of the filament needless to say the cost of the ship which I lose due to again rng of placing me two rooms in a row the only room that counters that fit.
Your solving problem is more like= U can’t do it then don’t do it
My problem solving is = I can’t affect it so I rise a complaint for the people who can to do something (if that’s the case)

There is no algorithm that “kills people”. If a ship dies in the abyss, it usually is one of these reasons:

  • bad fit (too weak for this level of abyss, either death by DPS or timeout)
  • bad target calling (shooting NPCs in the wrong order, death by DPS or timeout)
  • bad movement (eating too much damage, entering a cloud etc, leaving the area…)
  • technical error (ISP, computer crash whatever)

If you keep dying in there so the runs are not profitable, either upgrade/change your fit or go down to a lower tier.

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I did 12 in a row, it’s not profitable because since they nerfed the data caches of the event arround 70% of my drops in the caches has been pure data triglavian surveis on the ammounts of 1.7m (very constant number) and 3-4m for a 14m filament-
And the fit has only 1 counter, which u can survive and I did severla times now if again I get that room twice in a row then it gets harder to survive unless I spend 5 mins which I don’t have reganing capacitor and shield