if this is for real then why are there so much ppl who still making billions of isk ?
if this is for real why dont you change the filament to solve this ? or even better → do anything else for your isk which is more profitable
if you dont wanna do it then your not allowed to cry about such stuff !

The billions of isk come at t6, while u invest billions in a ship too, I can’t change the filament or the fit gets obsolet and I need to use another ship/fit which might take me months of training (and the fit I’m using is meta for abyssals so yeah… can’t find anything much better)
Your last point I don’t even get it, it’s kinda the same thing of if there’s a problem ignore it solution which for a 10 year old might be good enough and usually is only a temporary patch

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then why dont you do this ?

you always can change it oO
was said before what you can change to get better but you still wanna cry

then start training and stop your T4 abyss until you can do it xD whats that hard to understand this ?

where do i sai that you need to ignore your problem ? i said you need to fix your problem because CCP dont change their game because an ignorant kiddy wants to change it

Because I don’t have skills good enough to do it XD,

XD u can’t change it and succed XD I feel you live in yupiland where everything is everywhere for everyone and everyone can do whatever they want, as I said max level of desilusion your answers are always vague with no substance and abstract.

What’s hard to understand is that I can do t4 the issue is the loot since the nerf on the data sites of the event which seem to have reduced the caches of abyssals too, doesn’t matter how hard I try to explain it you’re clearly handicapped and can’t understand it.

The 4 or 5 times u said then don’t do it is equal to ignore it, as if I don’t do it I’m ignoring it, I really belive is not that hard to understand basic concepts like this.

Above someone provided an actual soluton use an active gila, that has substance.

Your solution is: Don’t cry, stop doing it, stop cry, stop doing it, which again feels like the answer of a 10 year old who’s brain is still being developed and can’t elaborate anything more advanced.

and nothing there where i said everybody can everything :wink: stil i cant everything and thats just normal but i change my gameplay that i will do things i can or even practice something if i think i could do this !

but you come to the forum and cry like a little baby and dont wanna chnange something …

doenst looke like you can do it :slight_smile: but it looks like you cry alot of dieing in T4 abyssal

then pls do it again and cry a lot more because its not profitable and you die xD
why change something if you loose :wink: → yes i see i´m ignorant xDD

my solution was → you need to change something xD but again … you dont wanna change anything but you want that CCP change their game that you can survive T4 abyssal and get hundrets of quadrillions in one run

you just dont understand that YOU are the problem and nothing else

For the 6th time the main complaint in this post is not me dying,but the fact of the garbage value that the caches in t4 gamma are giving mainly only triglavian data for 1.7m value, if I die but I’m making good money I don’t care, but and as I said already 3-4 times since they sneaky nerf the crimson data sites seems to have affected abyss caches too, as I was getting double the isk with a frigate in a t2,

Have u even done abyssals? XD half of what you’re saying brings me alarms of I’ve no ■■■■■■■ clue what I’m talking about because I’ve only done t1 abyssals couple times

Wow dude time to take a break, maybe take a walk, calm down.

again → if its not worth do something else whats worth your time oO hard to understand ?
but just get some numbers ! whats your income for ONE abyss ! and no it cant be 1,7m for the whole C4 abyss. its almost impossible

proofed ? or is it just your feeling ?

if frigate is worthier then just DO THIS instead of endless crying about other things YOU should change

at the very beginning of abyss ive done T4 abyss in a gila → yes its long ago !
i´ve done t6 frigate abyss with my corp and yes also a while ago !
still on C4 Abyss i had a lot of changes of fitting / filaments / tactics

do you know something ? we died in T6 Frig Abyss a lot but wie had a plan and needed to practice → at the end we made Billions of ISK after we trained ! on the process to succes we need to change a lot but we never thought like you to go into forum and cry about our fails …

your still not smart enough to see that YOU have to change something because YOU are not able

Ty for the advice regarding the topic!

You still don’t get that a frigate t2 isn’t supposed to be more worth than a t4 cruiser, abyssaltrack data shows it yet it happens and because the loot of the containers is out of my reach or of any other player I raise a complaint

aha … now i got it :slight_smile: youre to slow to get the loot and now your crying about it … dude rly ? if oyu to slow then YOU need to change YOUR setup !

it isnt but if you cant run profitable cruiser abyss but frigate abyss then you need to do the sucessful option … but still youre here and cry about YOUR problems which YOU WONT change

Hey heres an idea.

Show us your fit instead of getting caught up in gradeschool drama and we’ll see if we can make it more efficient for ya.

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realy … you cant find his fit which he lost ?

Gila | Thexppkilleer | Killmail | zKillboard

and hes getting input shat he could do better but he denied it as always

XD I know I can do better, but that still won’t change that the caches give 1.7m triglavian data on a t4 site on avarage. If I waited 1min for my capacitor and shield to recharge probably would have survived even encountering 2 counte rooms in a row u still can’t grasp that the main complaint is me dying but the garbage loot that are on the caches since the stealth nerf to crimson harvest data sites

again i will ask you

and again → your fault to do worthless things if its true what you said

on 70% of the caches in the past 2 days there were only triglavian data with 0 extras on 40-50% of those 1.7m exactly on the reaming 20-30% 4.6m to 5.6m, for when I get extras max I got is cata filament worth 50m which is a good bump the issue is that if I don’t get anything else there’s sometimes I’ll literally break even and risk 500mil worth of ship

As I said I was getting way more in t2 frigate than in t4 cruisers before the sneaky nerf to the crimson data sites which I fear modified the abyssal cache too

for me it looks liek you got 60-70 mil per run on abyss … sounds legit !
if you wanna saay its way less then i dont believe you.

lets talk about your BPC´s, skill books and all the other ■■■■ which could drop … how much is this ?

500m ship is YOUR problem and YOUR risk ! and you cant expect that you get your 500 mil worth ship in 1 or 2 runs ! not even in 10 ! but if you lucky its possible to get it in less then 10 runs

you dont get 60-70m from t2 abyss in frigats per abyss ! never ever

and again i will say → if i´m wrong and T4´s are realy that bad, YOU have to change YOUR ship / fit / filament / tactic / activity and not CCP need to adapt to you


t4s are about 100mil/hr. Super humble really compared to other ISK in HS. You get super risky in t5-t6 and it spikes up depending on RNG.

But yah… Whole idea is that the passive tank gila is not good lol. If OP wants me to show him the light of an active tank gila id be happy to send my fit over.

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