Most reliable T4-T5 Abyssal ship

Haven’t played in quite a few years and the whole abyssal thing is new to me, the plan is to make an alt to run T4 or T5 (eventually) and do them in a reliable manner so I’ve been trying to find info but it’s difficult to get the complete picture on how the different ships&fits perform in more difficult rooms.

I’m looking for a ship that can do all the rooms reliably meaning it’s not easily countered or in trouble, while not being (overly) expensive. I’m NOT necessarily looking for the easiest to use but just for the most reliable one.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Gila and HACs are the go-to for T3’s. Even with empty pods and T2 fits, they can do them well enough as long as you select an appropriate ship/ammo to take advantage of the mandatory defense hole of the filament type.

T4’s will generally need a touch of bling (green damage modules at a minimum) to comfortably clear them, and T5’s will need a dedicated pod (+3% toward damage/ROF in the relevent slots) and likely a couple standard quality boosters popped to keep things relatively comfortable (RNG in which rooms you get will play a large role).


Sacrilege hands down. Can run all types up to T5 and at least 2 types of T6. Can handle all and every spawns and only dies if the pilot messes up. There are no death-rooms at all if you use a proper fit.

Only the price dictates how high you can go, but T4 is pretty cheap, you don’t even need an implantset for it.

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I’ve lost a few SACs to a full room of neuting and missile disruption cruisers. Literally every ship in the room is a cruiser with either neuts or missile disruption.

I didn’t think I’d see that extreme of a death-room for the ship I was flying multiple times in relatively short order, but I did. I’d love to know if there’s a way not to die to that room. :slight_smile:

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We would need a video of your death in such a room and your fit to analyze what went wrong. Since Abyssals exist I have lost exactly one Sacrilege in the HighTiers (5/6) and that loss was a combination of an extremly nasty spawn and a suboptimal fit (which has been upgraded since then). I am pretty sure I would not die in such a room again. In hundreds of runs I haven’t encountered any room in which cruiser-neutralizing would be a problem my Sacrilege can’t handle.

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with a decent fit, the gila is the most reliable abyss ship by far. it has such a big margin for errors, nothing can contest that spot.

-insane projection lets you completely avoid damage from certain enemies and you can outrange heavy neuts. the top tier projection also makes the pathing and travel time less of an issue
-good application without any fitting or piloting needs
-best buffer which really helps against high alpha spawns
-the possibility to fit 2 large cap batteries makes cap management and neut pressure a joke
-drones are an easy to use weapon system in the abyss, because they are not really affected by td/gd and damps are “ouplayed” by drone auto aggro
-the gila drone hp bonus make shield drones really resilient and the micro management easy
-has decent damage in exotics, even in t6 the timer is no problem at all with decent skills/fit
-has the option to be passive buffer tank fit, which makes her a 2-3 button ship, really low apm
-can run 4/5 weathers up to the highest tiers

those are the reason why the gila is without a doubt the all time most used ship in the abyss


See, conflicting answers hehe.

Would you have an example of this please? I’ve been checking the Abyssal website but couldn’t really find a Sacrilege fit that was updated and fit the bill.

This thing is absolutely neutproof (you can basically ignore neutralizers and just shoot whatever slows you down because it disrupts you or webs you or attacks your drones). Missile Disruptors first.

You can pimp the runspeed with missile implants (which I would suggest).

It can run all Tier4 that have a resistance penalty (for T4 Darks refit the Reactive Hardener for another Ballistic). Just load the respective ammo type and always have one Set of Caldari Navy Vespas for fighting under pressure and one Set of Damage Drones T2 with the optimal damage type for the weather when fighting without NPCs that engage your drones. Use the CN Vespas to open all the Containers in the pocket, then just orbit your MTU and shoot everything down.

Use Faction Missiles on everything up to Cruiser, Rage for BCs and BS. Don’t worry that you only have 1 web, you do way more damage than you must, so bad application isn’t an issue. There is no RR you can’t break in T4s with that and the amount of opponents isn’t that high. Never fight inside of Speedclouds, you only have one web and your missiles won’t apply very well then!

Always run the cheap boosters, you can bascially ignore the penalties of the Exile booster, even if you get -armor -cap or such things, won’t matter.

And the best: It does only cost like 620M ISK.

T5/T6 is another level that would need some more explanation, which I don’t have the time for right now. Lets just say that you either need an Aspklepian Set and DualWeb or a HydraSet and one well rolled Abyssalweb to fully apply. And you need that to match the timer and break the RRs. It gets quite expensive here.


Thank you for that amazing info. When upgrading to T5 you say to switch to a double web fit (which is most of what I’ve seen), wouldn’t that undermine the whole “neut proof” part of things though?

Yeah, thats the tricky part. A HG-Asklepian Set gives you a really huge ArmorTankingBoost, but you will need two webs to apply full damage (yeah even with Standard Crash and Implants). Which means you only have one Battery (that one should be a well-rolled abyssal one). When facing a crazy neutralizer spawn you not NOT run both reppers, just one, pulse the other on overheat and save the capacitor while constantly reducing neut pressure by going for these ships first. If you realize the sitation quickly, thats absolutely enough because even one repper and one on pulse will still rep enough while being pretty cap efficient. And the base cap regen of a Sacri is already crazy good.

The benefit is that with dualweb+factionmissiles you can simply ignore all and any missile disruption, you will always apply full damage on cruisers and they will die really fast. And the Asklepian Set allows you to tank even the highest DPS spawns really convenient.

On the contrary, the HG-Hydra-Set gives you no Bonus on Tank, but a huge bonus on Application. Which means you can rely on one Web only (a well rolled Abyssal Web shines here) and energy neutralizing is absolutely no issue any more. However you will have only like 800dps tank / 1100 overheated, that means you will need to overheat in some rooms. Thats the fit I use for the last few hundred runs and so far I have not found any room that it couldn’t handle.


Ishtar for sure

Keep test server down or not? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
That’s what i’m thinking when these questions arise.

Cerberus T4 darks
Cerberus T5 Exotic and Darks

The sacrilege is a load of crap imo, far too slow to kill stuff.

If that would be true, the Sacri couldn’t survive in T5/T6 for the sheer amount of eHP to destroy there. Also the question of the topic is what is the most reliable abyssal ship, not the fastest Abyssalrunner. I have run high tier abyssals in basically every ship that can do them and never found one that can handle even the most difficult spawns as forgiving, reliable and stalwart as the Sacrilege.

Im glad so much people underrate Sac, otherwise t5 darks price would be on the same level as exotics and electrics.

Must be me being crap then lol. I barely have a minute left doing a raging :cry:

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