What tier abyssals do you do?

Is your character younger than 3 months?
What tier abyssals do you do?
What ship do you use.
Do you use duel repairer.
If no, what doctrine do you use?

  1. No
  2. T3 cause I like to balance risk vs reward vs RNG vs getting ganked
  3. Povertila
  4. No
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  1. No
  2. T1 because space Hell scares me and gives me nightmares.
  3. Depends on what I feel like flying in the moment.
    Omen, maller, caracal, moa, thorax, vexor, stabber and/or rupture.
    4a. Why would I use a dual repper if I use a shield tank?
    4b. I play solo, so I don’t subscribe to any sort of fleet doctrine.
  1. No
  2. T6
  3. Stormbringer
  4. Nah

No, I did abyssal t3 all my career. t4 scared me so badly. Only ship I used was a passive tanked gila. Died many times. Don’t use dual rep.

I think t3 is the best abyssal in risk/reward honestly. Good ISK for me when i did it.

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Stormbringer is enough to kill marshal? I haven’t tried any ships from that ship line.

I know very little about the EDOMCOM ships, but they seem very gimmicky, making them very niche ships for the price.

only thing you really need to be concerned with are the drone and drifter BS spawns. they have a lot of hp and while i luckily didn’t encounter 3 BS in a row yet, i would assume you are going to die.

everything else is pretty easy.

I can fly anything up to T5 at the moment - but it’s risky still so I tend to focus on T4s for ISK and other lower tiers as well for flying frigates, testing fits and acquiring more filaments

1 - Yes, but i am a returning player and migrated a lot of SP to this character
2 - Gila for Exo and Gam - Vedmak for Fire - i want to get a more reliable fits for Elec but the Gila will do them
3 - Gila, Vedmak at the moment, Negrel and Worm for frigate runs - aiming to include a Hawk and an Ikitursa as well soon
4 - Generally duel rep, shield focus atm, but i plan to develop armor more in the coming months

What tier you are running in a vedmak? Is it at lest capable of doing T3 without massive bling?

  1. Of course not
  2. T4s if I can get the filaments cheap, T3s if I can’t, and T5s if I have the isk saved up to buy a replacement ship when I lose it (and it is when, not if).
  3. Vagabond all the way
  4. Nope. Just throw more bling at it.
  1. no
  2. T3 Fierce
  3. Sacriledge for Darks, Ishtar for all others
  4. Only on the Sac, the Ishtar is x-large shield tank

The point here is that when you run T3, you pick up higher tier filaments that sell very well for high prices.

I can do tier 4 filaments, but would take me longer and increase the risks of ship loss.
Why Do 1 tier 4 , when I can do 2 x tier 3 in roughly the same time anyway.

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Is your character younger than 3 months?
What tier abyssals do you do?
–3 and 4
What ship do you use.
–dual boxed jackdaws
Do you use duel repairer.
–I assume you mean ‘dual’, as in, two of them… no.
If no, what doctrine do you use?
spider tank with ancil remote repper.

T3’s are super super safe, for the most part. T4’s are rough when BS gets multiple wrecking hits in a row before I can get close enough to get under its guns.

Stormbringer? How well does that do?

yes 1.5 months
t1 desi calm exotic
capboosted sniper single rep ab 17mil isk

t1 dark
No single rep kite ab

Was lucky on the first few t2 runs but then just started dying at least 4/10 runs so its not worth running t2 in a cheap t1 desi.

Not even worth running t2 in an assualt frig becuase that 1 in 10 sansha/angel/concord spawns are just brutal and kill solo frig/desi running.

Which leaves t1 and t0 for solo frig/desi pilots :confused: kinda sux since its only like 25 to 30mil an hour which is pretty bad compared to the standard of 60mil/hour avg of normal activities.

I mean like if I invested 3bil in implants and a beefed up t2/t3 desi I could probibly run t2’s which is only 43mil/hour (8.6 per run at 12min/run) compared to the 3bil investment that’s 69 hours before breaking even. Doing t3’s solo in a desi at 68mil/h (21m per run at 14min/run) would make you run out of time on an unlucky double bs spawn (the tanky ones rouge drone) as the dps would not be high enough and that loss would happen way before paying off the ship.

Can’t ccp add a bonus if you run the group content solo ? even a small luck % bonus would be nice and would balance risk/reward a lil. Or I guess the simplest solution would be to lower bs hp a bit as its like 7-8min for those room’s.

Edit just ran a t1 where the concord npc frig was perma tanking my kestrel’s 100 dps xD
Its super depressing and frustrating think I’ve lost a lot more than I’ve made so far.

I hear stormbringer cruiser is godly in abyssal. But requires extreme skill in flying and requires many more times the ISK. I even did a t4 in my humble ish gila and it is a stark contrast to t3 abyss. Now I am safe and sound in t3 abyss generating my 50-70mil isk/hr not counting RNG drops.

I’m pretty new to this game, so I’m sticking to the easier levels with good reason. haha
Tranquil and Calm.
Bellicose, Rupture, Talwar and Thrasher.
Single armor repair on the projectile ships. The Bellicose has a large buffer shield and the Talwar has an Ancillary Shield Booster, if I’m remembering correctly.

  1. Yes
  2. T0 (pls send me T1 punisher fit am baby)
  3. Punisher (who let this thing have 4 guns)
  4. No
  5. 4 focused modulated pulse+webber+ab+armor plates+1 repper

I use this site, it is pretty handy. Use the search under ships to select the ship you want then filter.
Fits | Abyss Tracker (eve-nt.uk)

I’ve used that sites a lot, but can’t find any punisher fits for T1, it only shows T0 punisher fits when filtered for T1 for some reason. I guess my only option is spending two months training to use a worm…