What are some good ships and fits for T1 and T2 Abyssal Deadspace?

So I have been doing T0 Abyssal Deadspace and I would like to try to do a T1 or T2 Abyssal Deadspace. I like to use hybrid and energy weapons and I sometimes use drones.

Well, if no one helps you out, check out the abyssal lurkers discord. And I’m sure there are plenty of current youtube videos. Just be aware that many of them exaggerate incomes for clicks. So, keep your expectations in check.

For T1 I like the Bellicose with an MTU. Cheap and easy, but using missiles. A Thorax may work fine as well.
T2 I tried in a Phantasm, but after losing ships to neuting Leshacs, I’m not sure if lasers are a good choice. Gila with good drone skills is very popular, because it just works.

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A well fitted Omen should be able to handle T1 Electrical Abysses - the bonus to capacitor is very helpful and the while a reduction in EM resistances applies to you it also applies to the NPCs you are attacking with you EM dealing lasers.

An option to help with capacitor is to put a battery in the mid-slots. It may not help as much as a recharger or booster, but it does provide resistance to neutralisers. However the best way to deal with neuting NPCs is “kill 'em quickly”. Learn your targets and prioritise.

Take the small step of a T1 in an Omen to learn - you’ll cover your costs in a few runs - before stepping up. Watch the tracking - a beam fitted ship without some form of tracking aid (web, TC, and rigs) is going to have problems with smaller, faster targets. Focused Medium Beams track better than Heavy Beams - you loose range, but that can be a good trade off.
The Maller is a good brawling alternative with better damage resists - slower than an Omen. Omen’s are more an “at range and manoeuvre” fast cruiser (fast for Amarr that is!).

Not had a lot of experience with Hybrid gunned cruisers - I’m an Amarrian player at heart. But I can see that something with an active repair bonus could be quite handy in a site.

Warning: I lost a Zealot in an Abyssal run - only a T2 or T3. Not a great fit: a fast scrambling and webbing frigates some neuts and my beam lasers inability to hit the little so-and-soes made for a really nasty experience.

A dual repair modestly blingy Sacrilege is a nice Abyss runner.


Vexor has both drones and Hybrids, take care that without webs it can be really hard even a T2 with double BS spawn is pretty hard to come out alive…
I try to have one specific ship per weather, so an armor ship can go well in firestorm, but not electrical, which is for shield ships, of course you could fit a vexor with shileds but that is not a widely used fit, although it can be very effective.

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I also make vids on both Alpha and Omega Abyssal ships with fits and discussions, check also Hateless youtube videos for more content. I have an Ishtar video also and I should make a Vexor Navy issue video soon. Huge tank on the Vexor NI. Can you fit T2 modules? I can try make a vid with just T2 of the Vexor in a T2 Abyss.

T2 Vexor Navy issue is up if you want to get some inspiration going.

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