Is this Fit sufficient and are Implants and Boosters necassary for Abyss T4 and T5?

I’ve currently discoverd Abyss Sites to my liking and currently run them in a Gila. I mostly do Fierce Gamma due to increase in Shield Capacity and exploiting the explosive weakness.
My Fitting consiists of the following:

High Slots:

  • 4x Arbalest Rapid Light Missile Launchers [Caldary Navy Nova Missiles] (I am working towards T2 Launchers
    and Fury Missiles)
  • Tractor Beam T2

Mid Slots:

  • 3x Republic Fleet Large Shield Extenders
  • Shadow Serpentis 10MN Afterburner
  • T2 Adaptive Invulnerablilty Field
  • T2 EM Ward Field

Low Slots:

  • T2 Drone Damage Amplifier
  • 2x C3-X ‘Hivaa Saitsuo’ Ballistic Control System


  • 3x T2 Medium Core Defense Field Purger


2x Republic Field Valcaries

My Questions: Do you think this is enough for Abyss T4-5 and if not what would you change and do you think that Boosters and Implants are necassary for T4-5? If yes, which would you recomend?


It is enough to experience a quick abyssal session.

To run t4-5 you need an active tank and for tier 5 a active tank set , we were talking about prob. 5b+ but there are enough posts with guides already

T4 can be done in a hybrid gila. A type med booster with a large battery and extenders.

Because of neuting NPC. You need medium nosferatu to survive in T4 and 2 faction Adaptive Invulnerability fields. But even this bling will not make passive Gila 100 % safe in T4. I lost my one because 3 seconds after I entered room with 4 starving leshaks my capacitor droped from 80 % to 28%. In next few seconds it was dry completely. I could not get close to leshaks to suck their cap (which usually keep me alive in such situations) and died with 1 leshak remained on field (killed all the starving ones, but still dead cause no cap = no AB, no speed, I was slow boating in Leshak’s optimal ) .

look at this picture (before I took it, I killed 2 or 3 of them) and think, will your gila last agaist all those neuts? And this isn’t the worst neuting spawn. The worst one is around 15 neuting cruisers (not the damaged ones like in this spawn).

Try a Vagabond that is set up to be immune to neuts.
I do Tier 4s in a T2 fit with a faction battery.
100% success rate.

If someone wonders why nosferatu is turned off on the picture, it is because you can not nos ‘Tyranos’ ships. Full gank Gila faction / dead space passive Gila is able to survive that spawn if you kite long enough (900 DPS kills most of cruisers before they get into neut range) but you must be very quick with launching aligning targeting etc on the beginning.

Oh man, that skill your training is nowhere near done. Sorry.

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