How bad is t5 abyss now?

I run t5 electricals with the usual Gila which, including the pod, is about 3.5 bil.

Has anyone tried multiple runs after the patch? Are we play dice now with our ships?

There were a few spawns that, if you did not mitigate with transversal , it would kill you eventually. I imagine there is no room for error now with those spawns.

Did you try not beeing lazy and just testing your fit yourself on Sisi?

My T5 fit is fine and still working as good as ever.


If you wana play high-end content you propably shouldnt be that lazy?

If you cant be brothered to test it yourself you gotta grind some T4 sites untile somebody makes a new guide. If you are looking for guides you should check youtube, twitch or the abyssal lurker discord.

Its also a bit stupid to call the guy, that has a working fit, “lazy loser”. You can be sure that i now wont share it with you :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay lazy loser

Calling someone else lazy because you don’t care enough to do the work yourself?


Please stop feeding the troll. The only lazy loser here will be the one, who will answer OP question. After all the dirty talks we see here.

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