ISK/Hour stats after running 44 T5 Exotic Abyssal Sites in Gila

Jeez how do you pull 1b an hour on missions lol I must be missing something (no troll, genuinely asking)

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Multiboxing 4 characters and getting missions from all of them then running them in 2 ships

They did nerf the income by 30%, but it defnetly is still good.

A 1.7B-2B buffer fit gila can run tier 5 exotics easy, but not afk like this fit. Maybe 2.5B if you go for a abyssal MWD that will get you cap stable.

How do you actualy pull decent ISK/h from missions?
Seems like im doing something utterly wrong
(doing Emperror Family L4 Sec)

You have to be smart about cashing in your loyalty points - more than half the profits are there.
1121 isk/LP

Meanwhile, SOE are
1300 isk/LP and the best truesec of HS .

Also after application of truesec it’s 1500 indexed isk/LP for SOE, while other agents have up to 2300 indexed isk/LP. (so a mission that rewards 1 LP in lanngisi will be 1.5k isk value from LP, while the same mission would be 2.3k isk value from LP with the other agents)
Also, those values are at direct sell for 1M LP. (SOBO)

Psh, so less than super ratting pre fighter-nerf. I refuse to do carrier ratting after they nerfed it into the ground but I’m pretty sure I could beat that with like a thanny.
I really expected T5 Abyssals to be more profitable.

To be fair Ive done better than that per hour before. So lets call it 300+ an hour for T5s. Or to put it into ratting terms 100+ mil per tick. I know pre nerf a Super could beat those ticks. If we skip over the isane price and training difference of the ships involved. But pretty sure 40 to 60mil ticks are what you can expect in a normal carrier. So as a reliable source of PVE income T5 Abyssals are really up there. Dont have to worry about other players or sites to spawn etc. Press that filament and you’re good to go.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind if T5s started paying even better. But its pretty good as it is.

This fit still hold up well in mid-2020?

hi have a look at my update ^^

HI, can you show low cost fit (400-500m) for t4 exotic?

This is the cheapest I think that could do T4 but not without boosters

tnx, i try this

Thanks for the info

So is it possible to run with mid grade crystals as an alpha with max shield skills on a gila for an alpha?

typical carebear… “Not good enough tooo risky” …and how the hell did you die in a T3 in a billion isk ship…you can run gamma’s with a 300m gila with no implants with almost no chance of dying… super easy… i paid mine off in like 15 sites tops and run them in about 9-12 minutes

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