When do Abyssals become profitable?

I have been running T3 Darks in a sacrilege. I typically shoot the bio adaptive cash in each room. And after the three rooms that’ll be my takeaway. It does them in 16- 17 or so minutes. Im getting 3-4 mil per run if im lucky. My question is at what tier do these actually become profitable? I have read of people saying T5s finally feel like good isk. Because as it stands now its very labor intensive work for nearly nothing in payout. I mean yeah its all well and good for a newer player. But the amount of energy they take, for me at least, I typically break after each run because of the focus level required. Is alot, but I love running them. Am I doing them wrong? MTU for loot maybe? I do understand their are better ships ( Gila). That would make them easier but investing 3 plus bill for a ship thats only going to be bringing in a pittance seems unwise. What do you do to better improve your payout? I haven’t gotten into drugs and good pods because im worried that if I do ill never be able to make it back. Are there certain trace types that have better payouts? Or is this just a lost cause atm? I like the skill level it takes to run them and its way funner than running anomalies in a paladin. But I just don’t feel very good about the payout/risk level involved. And whenever I search for reddit posts its very clear people are highly inflating their isk/hr estimates. What can I realistically expect in T4s for payout? I don’t think my sac can do them without going down the pod/drug rabbit hole. Any tips for better payout? Should I just bite the bullet and do T6 Gila Bling to get the good rewards? Advice appreciated…

Here you find some experts, I barely survive T0 :wink:

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Will do thx