How to counter Abyssal hunters/gankers and move your stuff in high-sec safely

its different from cloaking… I tested it and it does not break the timer when you transfer the cargo… after you transfer the ship itself the timer ends and you just simply warp off the pod…

Even if you are scrammed, you can still dump the ship into the bowhead - there was a big rage thread about it because PIRAT was using it to play station games on one of their citadels. It allowed them to dock up their expensive ships when they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

also you can just surround your Gila with as many Orca as you want :slight_smile: they cant possibly bump away every single one of them at the same time :slight_smile:

each orca pilot you use it for SP farm so it doesn’t cost you anything to operate them :slight_smile:

That’s ridiculous. This definitely needs to be patched out, as it has no counter-play.

I thought they patched this out years ago? Am i thinking of something else?

I wanna say about Invul u where talking about that u cant be locked here is the proof.
I just did 1 run in abyss and when i exit its showing that they can Lock you, and you are not cloaked when u exit abyss like when u use jump gate to jump to another system.
This is when u jump from gate to another system:

And this is when u exit Abyssal after using filament:

Now explain to me how u gonna perform all that thing scoping ship from space when they already waiting u at the Abyssal trace ?
As soon you exit abyss you are locked and DEAD. The End
I am saying my idea is much more better, CCP needs to add that when u exit Abyss u still have that velocity when u had the same when u where jumping from 1st room to 2nd room inside abyss. You still had transversal. If u have that velocity u can insta warp to station. I checked it and its only way that will give as chance to avoid ganking when exiting abyss.

You cant be targeted when exit the abyssal
You cant be targeted when transferring cargo either

Test it yourself if you don’t believe me…

They did patch it so you can’t switch ships if you have a weapons timer years ago.

If you don’t, or you manage to wait it out, you can switch/store ships even if pointed or under fire.

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having an alt is better then not having one for sure… it can give u early warning about the gank and u can prepare for it either by try to survive it somehow (ex.: orca rescue) or deliberately suicide inside abyssal to avoid giving any loot for the gankers which is the whole purpose

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