Abyssal Dead Space: is it worth the risk?

Hi, I missed for a few months from EVE and when I came back I found this Abyssal Deadspace PvE.
I’m not sure to have understood it right so I have some questions:

  1. Is it safe? I mean, in the meantime I’m in the dead space is it possible to be attacked from other players as it happens in low or null sec?

  2. I read that once you’re in you have 20 minutes before your ship is destroyed. How difficult it is to finish the missions without losing the ship?

  3. Are the rewards worth the risk?

  4. If I understood well it’s only possible to enter abyssal deadspace with a cruiser, right?

  5. I’m an Alpha, still worth to try to do this kind of missions?

  6. Is there some kind of special ships, fits, or strategy to survive abyssal deadspace?

  7. Where is it possible to find or buy filaments to enter dead space? Are they all the same, or some missions are harder than other ones?

No, while you’re inside the Abyssal pocket you can’t be attacked by other players.

That is correct, once you enter an Abyssal pocket you have 20min to escape. Once the timer expires your ship and pod will be lost.

Running tier 1-3 filaments can be done with relative low-risk. To enter Tier 4 and 5 your safety must be set to yellow/red and will flag you as suspect target upon exit from Abyssal pocket.

Correct, only Cruisers (pirate, faction, T1 and T2) can enter these “dangerous” volatile pockets of space.

Absolutely :smile:

Not really… although some are better suited for them due to their Role and/or skill bonuses. Generally you could say that you need about 70% resists, decent active/passive tank and still have atleast 400 dps (more equals faster times).

Abyssal Filaments are found in (Pirate Faction) Data Sites all around k-space and j-space or you can choose to buy them off the market.

I have a Vexor with 13807 EHP (shield: 1270 HP, armor 2500 HP with armor repairer 42,3 HP/s and hull 2500 HP) and 4 railguns with 864 HP at 18 Km, 648 HP at 30 km or 504 at 43 km.Do you think it’s a good ship for deadspace?

You are better and safer off doing missions or DED rated complexes .
Abyssal rewards are random mostly poor and the risk is higher than most if not all other pve

Never!!! ever chance your power, or isp or CCP or a sun spot or any thing.

“If a disconnect or log off occurs while within an abyssal deadspace, the ship will remain in space and will still be attacked by the NPCs within the pocket. Should the timer for the deadspace run out while logged off, the ship will be destroyed as well.”

You can practice Abyssal content on the test server - though you may need to wait for the next mirror for your account to be copied to Singularity. The sites have “weather”, “effects” and more advanced AI so you will probably lose a few ships before you master them. They are also procedurally generated so will be different each time you run them.

For many players the additional challenge and risk adds to their enjoyment. If losing ships bothers you, the game still has content you can farm in relative safety - but it gets pretty boring!

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