Dev blog: Abyssal Deadspace - What Lies Beyond The Filament

Check out this dev blog for an overview of what you’ll find in the abyss when the summer expansion arrives on May 29th. From Triglavians and Drifters, to localised stellar weather and rogue drones, a new challenge awaits!


An Abyssal Deadspace sequence is capped at 20 minutes and can be accessed anywhere in space. This will allow capsuleers to jump in for a short session at lunch, bringing more life to the universe.

So, I can light that filament on the Keepstar or Fortizar undock, or the undock of an NPC station to be absolutely save when I return?

restrictions on using filaments, you can only activate one if you are in a Cruiser, at a certain distance from a celestial and

What is it now? Anywhere or only somewhere? I hope your development of the feature is better than your writing.


Anywhere in space that isn’t within 1000km of a celestial, structure, etc.


Maybe the dev blog introducing this new feature and explaining it in depth should include this rather important information.


What I’d like to know is how a feature can be introduced that kills your ship and pod when the OSX EVE client continues to be unstable? The amount of network disconnects and socket closures in general have also been inordinately high of late. And finally, testing on SiSi has (at best) been sporadic - with numerous reported instances of players being disconnected after entry or mid-exploration.

Until such time as CCP can address the concerns with the OSX EVE client (which have been ongoing for years now) and address issues with network instability, this new feature should be released with removal from the Abyssal pocket instead of elimination of the player ship and pod on timer expiration.

I don’t think anyone relishes the prospect of filing support ticket after support ticket for reimbursement when the player loses time reconnecting which subsequently results in destruction of their ship and pod due to the Abyssal pocket timing out.


Triglavian cruiser was repaired by a Rouge Drone, this indicates that Triglavians have some control over Rouge Drones. How and why this happened is unknown at this stage.

I want more lore about those rouge drones. WIll there be a chronicle?

Maybe also some clues to why they became rouge. :thinking:


Please expand your explanation of the 5 tiers of play. One of your comments seems to connect the tier to the type of cruiser flown while another hints that it will be in accord to where the player is when activating the filament: null, low, high or wormhole.

It would be preferable, at least initially if not always - to allow the player to determine the tier desired - especially with the previously unencountered effects of weather and such that you are introducing. Allowing a player to access at least tiers 1 - 3 for the first few times that character is entering would allow the player to then learn more about what to actually expect.

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There are filaments on SiSi for every type and tier of Abyssal pockets. Presumably we’ll only be able to find tier 1 (or maybe tier 1/2?) in sites while the rest have to be found within the Abyssal pockets themselves.


So many misconceptions related to this new feature, like people want random risks, “permadeath” threats, but probably the biggest:

This will allow capsuleers to jump in for a short session at lunch, bringing more life to the universe.

It does exactly the opposite, it will make space more empty.


Won’t Tier1-Tier 3 abyssal deadspace become risk-free areas with players able to accrue resources without fear of losing them after they have figured out the optimal fits to run through them? No interaction with fellow players and for example less fear of losing them to sucide ganks with an adc/stab fitted ishtar fitted ishtar.

How will this constant accumulation of resources affect the eve economy if easy to access plasmid mods supplants the regular ones.

At the very least you should get a sec status penalty for entering one in order to justify the lore narrative of CONCORD and the Empires not being happy about people entering this space [of course null-sec/womrhole space would be exempt].


Just now ran tests with the new NPCs seekers +drifters and new troll drone bcs.I gota say lay off the drugs guys(22 damp seekers+drifter tier 5 bs) LoL


So, if I see that I’m obviously going to lose in a tier 5, I can just unplug my internet connection, then file a ticket claiming loss of network, get my ship back, then try it again. Sweet…


there was more it was a firestorm room 2 had drone bcs high ehp too last room had drone bs.obviously died to your ''Controlled RNG"" @CCP_Falcon

Also got instapoped from half shield midcycle x-L asb vaga blue pill by 5 vedmaks but thats another story


a Triglavian cruiser was repaired by a Rouge Drone, this indicates that Triglavians have some control over Rouge Drones. How and why this happened is unknown at this stage.

Those damn rouge drones!


Ohh look another and another and another unknown cosmic signature.
As if there are not enough unknowns already showing up on my screen.


I like what they are doing with the immersion but i would like if they could bring fov options to the main game to feel more alive and massive.

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New content that destroys ship AND pod at socket close is very bad game design IMO


Not looking forward to entering systems full of pilots in an unreachable dimension…


just tried 3 lvl 2 dark filament on sisi and here is my conclusion:
i think they are way to random atm, cause one time you get 20 rogue drones moving at 4 km/s (good luck tracking those) and other times you get 5 webbing cruisers and a drifter battleship that will hit hard and takes almost 7 minutes to kill even with 500+ dps…

i think it would be alot better if you would get frigs and cruisers in the lower tiers (or atleast ships with lower speed/hp) and the high tank+dps battleships are exclusive to the lvl 3/4+


15 years of eve and still we have to put up with ‘rouge’ drones…my god this is infuriating!! is ROGUE damn you!