Abyssal Deadspace now live on Singularity for testing

(Loreline Farcloud) #925

for the cerberus the incoming dps is no longer the issue, you now run into the remote rep issue with leshaks now, you cant break their tanks in time with rlml cerb.

(My Cat Meows) #926

Some people in this thread will probably hate me now, but CCP, are you sure you didn’t overdo it nerfing the DPS? My mom could run T5s. Unfit.

on the other hand this contributes to relaxing the multiplasmid issue… so i’m only half complaining :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dark Engraver) #927

just died to a tier 5 dark matter field last room due to timer so no

(My Cat Meows) #928

well i admit that dark matter is the hardest since nothing applies damage :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ildrara) #929

Check your tracking with faction crystals.

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #930

It’s silly having two posts on this, I keep posting on Dev blog: Abyssal Deadspace - What Lies Beyond The Filament, but I am a stoned old duffer :crazy_face: …I’ll just copy it to here.

"Well, I still loath the timer…

I must say though, with repeated efforts (that would cost a lot on TQ), I am finally fairly confident at anything up to level 3’s, all effects, in a Deimos.

I can’t squeeze a large cap battery in but a medium seems to be fine so far. I dropped a turret for a smart bomb. Does the trick for swarms and other things that get in range ofc. I also moved from Heavy Neutron Blaster II to Heavy Ion Blaster II to gain that extra bit of tracking. WIth void or null, range dependant obviously.

I use a standard tech II web, AB and tracking scripted tracking comp. Duel rep with normal med II and a ancillary, a reactive, a tracking enhancer and just the one mag stab (:sob:) and ofc a ADC II.

Hybrid metastasis tracking rig and a auxiliary nano repair amount rig, both tech II.

No boosters or implants, but a shed load of repair paste. 5x War II’s and 5x light web drones.

I have been aiming directly at the loot pod and orbiting at 500 so the bomb kills it and I’m close enough to loot and start moving towards primary NPC target.

Don’t even get drones out till you are 40km from the structures.

Ship is 380’something million overall. I still loose them but it’s becoming blindingly clear it’s down to me making silly mistakes. Like forgeting my blasters are on overheat and then having to wait till the timer ends because I can’t shoot anything…"


Can not break 4’s with it very well at all. Was there a good reason why we can’t purchase faction/deadspace modules from the market on sisi?

(Arthur Aihaken) #931

I seem to recall something that these filaments would be available through Data sites and NPC agents. Am I remembering incorrectly?

(My Cat Meows) #932

Yes i have that in memory as well - but i hope it’s going to be data sites only to give them some isk value love…

@Erebus_TheChin_Sundance: Try it on SiSi now, they made the sites pretty easy

(Brian Kith) #933

L1 Filaments only. Higher Filaments only come from Abyssal Deadspace.

(Arthur Aihaken) #934

I’m fine with F1 filaments only - just so Data site runners can’t hold us all hostage.

(Brian Kith) #935

That was never going to happen anyway. In fact, I’d be incredibly surprised if any of the data site runners actually bring them to market given that there will be a price ceiling set by the NPC’s and the fact that the filaments themselves are so large in volume.

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #936

10m3 is rather large for a filiment… Or is it…

noun: filament; plural noun: filaments

a slender thread-like object or fibre, especially one found in animal or plant structures.
"each myosin filament is usually surrounded by 12 actin filaments"
synonyms:	fibre, thread, strand, tendril; More
string, wire, cable, cord;
technicalfibril, cilium
"a network of lace-like filaments"
    the slender part of a stamen that supports the anther.
    a narrow streamer from the sun's chromosphere or in its corona.
a conducting wire or thread with a high melting point, forming part of an electric bulb or thermionic valve and heated or made incandescent by an electric current.

(My Cat Meows) #937

guys, this content is for many people with many playstyles, not just for siterunners. If the T1 filaments are sold by NPCs for a fixed price, poor explorers won’t get their share, just like pvpers atm.

(Alderson Point) #938

Regarding the idea suggested that NPC sales will make it pointless for HS explorers.

On the contrary, It all depends how much the NPC agents sell them for. If they are a decent reward that’s better than the standard HS fare, then they will be a great source of income.

(My Cat Meows) #939

i would be very surprised if the HS data sites had a significant dropchance for them - HS is not where the ISK is (and shouldn’t be)

(Loreline Farcloud) #940

you do not need to be that cautious. Light automata suppressors have a 15km range and heavys have a 40km range but arent a threat even to light drones tbh.

Also remember t2 ammo suffers from trackign penalties where as faction ammo doesnt. your two default ammos should be null for range and caldari navy antimatter for close up.

dropping the turret for smartbomb is a really impractical idea and likely to result in you loosing the dps/ehp race. Esp in an AB ship where you cannot control range at all.

(Loreline Farcloud) #941

not really, theyve just balanced them. if you mess up then you will still die. its just not unbeatable content anymore.

(Loreline Farcloud) #942

There will be absolutely no price ceiling as no filaments will be seeded onto market and therefore market demand will set price entirely. in the first hours/days filaments could be very very pricy as people will be eager to access the new content without having to trawl through data sites.

(Loreline Farcloud) #943

@Dark_Engraver I want to raise a point about my eagle fit, now flying full bling (as i will be when the content hits TQ - and its great. however, without it (and just the t2 fit - if you go into a tier 4 filament having forgotten to take your drugs before hand you will die… and feel stupid and confused for a while before you realise youve been an idiot and forgotten them. 8% + 5% tank make a massive difference to survivability.

(Arthur Aihaken) #944

Why run an Eagle when you can just fit a RLML/Cerberus that hits out to 70km with Fury (700 DPS+). You can run up to F3 filaments with a complete T2 fit (zero implants and only Crash for the sole booster). Press Orbit and F1 for the monkey win.