Abyssal Deadspace now live on Singularity for testing

Hello Test Pilots,

This will be the central thread for anything related to Abyssal Deadspace.
This includes:

  • Entering/Exiting Abyssal Deadspace
  • Content inside Abyssal Deadspace (Environments, NPCs, Objects)
  • Abyssal Filaments (used to enter the Abyss)
  • Lootable items

There will be separate forum threads which details anything to do with the Mutaplasmids (Modifications) and the Mutated modules themselves. And also a forum thread to discuss the new Triglavian ships will be created. Those will be linked here when they have been made.
Triglavian content (Ships, Ammo, Modules, Skills) - Triglavian Ships, Modules, Ammo and Skills available on Singularity
Mutaplasmids - Mutaplasmids are now live on Singularity

Access to Abyssal Deadspace

Entry to Abyssal Deadspace will be available through filaments that are **seeded on the market.** All Tiers and Abyssal varieties are available.

Initially we started with redeemable filaments in the Redeem Queue, and the reasoning here was to collect feedback of the different difficulty tiers over time on Singularity. However the player response has been outstanding, and we feel confident enough to be able to capture more feedback in order to get the balancing and pacing right. You can expect a lot more NPC groups to encounter isnide of Abyssal Deadspace, and we’d like to be able to react to the feedback on these changes quickly so we’re making access to all Tiers easy.

Using the Filaments

When in space with one of the Filaments in your cargo hold, simply double click or right click and Use. If you are not able to enter Abyssal Deadspace for any reason, the Activation UI will state the reason. For example, you will not be able to use the Filament if you have an active session change timer.


The content inside of Abyssal Deadspace is undergoing development. There will be very active and sometimes dramatic changes to the balancing of the NPCs you encounter, as well as the available groups of NPCs you encounter. While they are not representative of the final version that will hit Tranqulity at the end of May, we do welcome any and all feedback on the difficulty and experiences you encounter with the content.


Loot tables are now (07-05-2018) more reflective of their true drop rates. We are still accepting feedback on this, so please let us know what you think.

Upcoming Changes

  • Expect More NPC Groups to be avilable to fight against in the encounter, including the Triglavians themselves.
  • Loot table changes are incoming
  • Filament Restrictions upon use
  • Abyssal System restrictions (No warping, D-Scan, Local etc)
  • Performance Improvements

New as of 02-05-2018

  • Triglavian Research Platform now has its correct model, with unique explosion.
  • Abyss Encounters that could not be finished before server downtime, will now expire upon Character Login allowing you access to the Abyss again.
  • UI Timer for the Abyssal Encounter will now always be visible.

Known Issues

As this feature is in active development, there are some known issues to be aware of. If you believe you have found a bug that is not in the Known Issues list below, please submit a bug report from within the client using the F12 menu before restarting the client. You can find more information on submitting bug reports here: https://community.eveonline.com/support/test-servers/bug-reporting/

Encounter timer may not appear, or function

This should now be **resolved**. We are interested in hearing any more issues relating to this timer after the last update (07-05-2018).

Server Restarts with active Abyss Encounter can prevent you from entering the Abyss again

Currently, Server Restarts whlie in the Abyss will be cleared out when you log back into Abyssal Deadspace. However if you have moved yourself out of Abyssal Deadspace just before a server restart this can cause the encounter to stay active. We are still working on invalidating these instances.

Interactions inside Abyssal Deadspace systems have not been finalized

We refer to here such interactions as: Directional Scan, Chat, Warping, Bookmarks. There are many more changes to expect restrictions around, but for the current state of Singularity these are not all implemented.

Update: The following systems have been disabled inside Abyssal Deadspace

  • Directional Scanner
  • Local Chat
  • Bookmarks
  • Warping
  • Probe Scanning
  • Sensor Overlay

Still working on:

  • Disabling deployables

Restrictions on the use of Filaments have not been finalized

The filaments (Consumable items used to access Abyssal Deadspace) have not had all of the cases finalized where a filament can and cannot be consumed. Restrictions such as being able to use a filament under situations such as in warp, while tethered or inside of a POS forcefield, are still being worked on. You can expect changes to continue to hit Singularity which implements these kinds of restrictions.

Update: The following restrictions have been put in place for the activation of Abyssal Filaments

  • Cynosural Field Active
  • Already in Abyssal Space
  • Invulnerable
  • In warp
  • Warp Disrupted
  • Cloaking
  • PvP Timer
  • Tethered

Still working on:

  • Distance checks to other things
  • Inside POS bubble
  • Abyssal beacon already active

You may become trapped inside Abyssal Deadspace

There are some cases where you can continue to be inside abyssal deadspace when the encounter finishes, if you find yourself in a case like this you can use the publicly available slash command (/moveme) that is active on Singularity.

Many Localization and Texts are not available

There are many placeholder and debug text strings still in the feature. These are being worked on and finalized, and will begin to clear up over time.

Black Screen Issues

There have been situations on SIngularity where a black screen can occur when undocking or jumping. This happens more frequently if you have been podded in Abyssal Deadspace. We are looking into this further, but for now the only solution when this occurs is to restart your client.

This list of Known Issues will be updated daily, as well as any other important information on the current status of Abyssal Deadspace.

Thanks for reading, we’ll try to reply to as many comments as we can.


Do I need to relog to get the threads?

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Not sure if things are still being sorted, but I’ve only recieved a single filament in my redeem thus far

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Yeah my redeem queue is empty of items at the moment.

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Ah, looks like they’re being distributed manually - my redeem is slowly filling up - try relogging

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Yes this was slowly being added while I worked as fast as I could :slight_smile:
If you do not see anything in your Redeeming Queue, please re-log. They should now be present for everyone.


Graphics are absolutly fantastic.

One thing that bothers me right at the start: You should not be allowed to open abyssal deadspace pockets near a Citadel / space station. Makes it way to save in Nullsec, especially for the “big boys”.

EDIT: Reading helps, it’s a known issue

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Sweet - another thing, just noticed you seeded the ships and skills and turrets, but the turret skills themselves aren’t there :thinking: @CCP_Paradox

I will take a look at this, thanks for the poke. The forum threads specifically on those modules and ships will be available soon.

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Please read the Known Issues! :wink:

Ooopsy… :wink:

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I just ran an electrical site, I found no loot and almost died, exiting the site in 13% structure because I DC’s and was almost killed by environmental effects while ewarping back. bring webs.

I am unable to use the plex system to do omega because their seems to not have been a mirror in some time. Any clue on what to do?

I would also like to omega my account, which has been so on TQ for 2-3 months now. I can’t test any of this new stuff without being able to be omega!

I applied omega myself by going to the NEX, searching for omega and then buying it using the free plex :slight_smile:


I dont know how you are seeing the buttons they are not showing for me… I get the store but everything is blank I cannot apply my omega

Ah I see, manual search query in the new eden store is the only way to bring it up.

The camera distance is limited to 30 km inside abyssal deadspace.

This is way too short and hinders situational awareness. It makes it hard to see if there are towers present, where the rat groups are and where to manually pilot the ship.

The distance should be increased to at least 60 km.

The drop rates seem way too good. Maybe considering lower drop rates and also success rates for rolls.


If we have something like this already after 2 hours of play testing of a 500 people player base it is WAY to high. The whole player base should be able to get such a good roll maybe once a week.

Nice job on the graphics so far. Also i am inclined to say the 30km view distance is good. Situational awareness should be low to create an extra level of danger.

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As mentioned in the post, Loot is in no way final. The Loot you will get on Singularity is very placeholder right now.