"Into The Abyss" available on Singularity


(Tragot Gomndor) #41

i would like to participate in this test, but because my account is in alpha and i cant get omega…

turn this feature on maybe?

(Obil Que) #42

Buy PLEX for 100 isk from seeded market
Move to PLEX vault
Enter NEX store and upgrade to Omega on SISI

(Tragot Gomndor) #43

I might be stupid, but not that stupid… tried, window is empty :smiley:

(Dyver Phycad) #44

Is it intentional that you are in the same abyss space with outer players? At least in the same chat.

(Songbird) #45

Why is there severe time dilation ? are all 800 people in the same system?

(Circumstantial Evidence) #46

Previous two questions are more or less answered by comments in the other thread.

  • Local chat issue isn’t final. (ok this is in the long first post, no dev comment)
  • TiDi is unfortunate but extremely good, for helping them optimize performance before it hits TQ. Might be one less thing to patch after release because of the current pain.

(Tragot Gomndor) #47

Is it possible to turn on the ability to turn omega? The NEX omega page is simply blank. Using just 20/120mil skillpoints to test all that isnt that good

(elitatwo) #48

Well, I spent 3 hours in 2 sites. I hope they are happy.

(Tragot Gomndor) #49

Just did one Tier1… no tidi at all, but its still early… wasnt bad, very easy, using an alpha gila, so alphas can run those… but it seems like that you can enter abyssaldeadspace of any tier anywhere you want… so its perfectly safe pve for highseccers… beside a little gank maybe… at least i think that those pockets are not linked in any way with the space you was originally in… can be wrong tho :smiley: i hope i am…

oh and alphas cant use the abyssal 10mn mwd that i rolled…

(Circumstantial Evidence) #50

2 sites in 3 hrs… omg :frowning: Props for tenacity, I probably would have bailed … I was speaking in general terms & had no idea it could be THAT slow. Will likely get easier as more ppl try the feature, and come back to TQ.

(elitatwo) #51

Thanks mate, I was switching between 75 and 90% tidi and not much in between - the tiny red circle you don’t want to see ever…

(Henry DePour) #52

With the activity being a timed activity, and the frequency of TIDI, can we get a TIDI adjusted timer for the Abyss space?

Note: I noticed that the time exists in some of the spaces, but not others.

(Lasisha Mishi) #53


(gonoree) #54

I tried some of the fillaments today . Tier 1-2 easily doable in faction/pirate cruisers (HACs are overkill in them) . Tier 3 - as someone already mentioned - seems to be a bit more demanding than tier 4 ones , I can confirm this.
As for tier 5 … well… simply not doable even with pimped HACs. I tried different setups for Ishtar , Sacrilege, Deimos, Vagabond, Munnin. All of them were ADCU dual rep with propulsion variants of 10mn/100mn AB or MWD. My skills are perfect for HACs, i used local repair boosting implants and boosting pills also (local repair, raw damage/damage application). At times you can barely tank the incoming DPS, the neuts and ewar applied to you and the alpha of the drifter battleship… no way…
Suppose you can survive somehow , it won’t matter anyway as you simply don’t have the DPS to kill encounters fast enought before your timer expires. The EHP of the battleships there is ridiculous.

(ISD Buldath) #55

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(niters rocks) #56

some of us are factoring this in and its still meh, equivalent pirate ships still do better for most useable stuff. Compared it to a thorax and a Vigilant as they are the most similar but gila would be better for most situations I would think.

155 dps from hammerhead T2, on the ships not factored in, it will be the same for all

Both thorax and tig cruiser get +5% damage on ship skill level that has been factored in, the spec and medium turret skill have been factored out (at max this is 1.25x1.1 multiplier so x1.375 if you want to add it) no low/rig slot damage mods either, T2 short range ammo used for the calculations.

Trig cruiser: 209.3 gun up to 418.6 dps (3.72 second cycle, low slot mods will help this but 74.4 seconds to get to max)
Thorax: 252.8 blaster, 195.9 rails
Vigilant: 384 blaster, 298 rails

While charging to max blaster Vigilant does 28,570 damage, trig cruiser does 28,212 damage, the dps difference is then 34.6, so takes 84.7 seconds for the Triglavian ship to match the damage from the Vigilant provided that it doesn’t switch targets or ammo.

This isn’t the amazing dps that we are told about it seems to be more a remote rep/smart bomb ship that has been released with a storyline that is solo pve content… maybe it will be useful in WH for remote rep fleets (2-6 man size maybe)


  • Tracking/range variations between the guns not factored in (too much effort/assume its shooting a poco)
  • The cruiser skill for each is at max, the Vigilant dps bonus is a role bonus so doesn’t need this
  • Only looked at dps not at other stats
  • That an oracle wasn’t available for the poco bash otherwise you would use that
  • That the ships didn’t need to change targets in over a minute and a half… so no large scale pvp, no pve that isn’t logi-ing or structure bashing

Other hull bonus

Trig cruiser:

  • 5% tracking/skill level
  • 100% armour remote rep range bonus
  • -50% bonus to Neutralizer cap use (nos doesn’t have cap activation cost pointless to list)
  • -50% bonus to armour rep cap use
  • -50% smart bomb cap use


  • 7.5% tracking/skill level


  • 10% web strength bonus/skill level
  • 10% Fall off/skill level
  • 75% hybrid gun damage (factored into the stuff above)

(Obil Que) #57

I ran Tier 1 - 5 with my Gila with basically no issues. They were so easy that I have to wonder if some of the NPCs are missing from the encounters (triglavians, diamond versions?). Maybe I didn’t get the “bad spawn” or something but it was trivial to beat.

(DrysonBennington) #58

I was kinda hoping that larger ships such as Orcas and Freighters would be able to use a filament in order to escape a gank.

Sure they are going to lose their ship but it would deny the ganker their loot and kills.

(gonoree) #59

Your Gila can pump a max. of 820 DPS on paper (in practice if you factor the reload time on the rapid light launchers, it’s about 700 DPS). Now tell me how do you have time to kill two or three tier 4-5 drone/drifter battleships with 700 DPS ? It’s impossible , you just can’t !
Today I tried a tier 4 one in Ishtar , I had 750 DPS . First room was drone battleship with support small drones - was easy to kill - , second one the same, also easy to kill , but by the time I got in the 3rd room -which was just swarm of little drones- and killed about half of them , my timer expired and I died .
The raw EHP of the battleships in tier 4-5 is insane, you just simply don’t have the time to finnish your abyssal pocket if you get 2-3 battleships, so don’t tell me that you run tier 5’s in your Gila with no issues…

(Dark Engraver) #60

I did quite alot of successful tier5s with an ishtar 600 dps and I’ve had drone bs drifters small drone swarm site was complete with 1-2minutes left