Abyssal Deadspace now live on Singularity for testing

(QuakeGod) #21

If the drop rates were mediocre or abysmally low, no testing would get done…

(Feronanthus) #22

Is it intended that Abyssal modules can be reprocessed? Maybe they should reprocess into some fancy flavor text item.

(Rhivre) #24

So, erm, I DC’d in the final room of a site, came back in…site has obviously timed out, but I havent been kicked to normal space, so I have no warpable objects. /moveme works, but without it, I would have been stuck there forever!

(CCP Paradox) #25

This is written in the Known Issues section of the post :slight_smile:

(Niraia) #26

Restrictions on the use of Filaments have not been finalized

Have you decided on whether they’ll be usable in highsec or not?

(Tashii Sunji) #27

It’s understandable, but at the same time, much of the balancing needed for something like what the mutagens do, is due to how consistent they are in dropping, and how many “rolls” people will be able to attempt. It’s very hard to measure that impact knowing that the drops are skewed towards what would be the final number (though reassuring since, from first impression, really seems like at these rates the imbalance is fierce!).

Also, obtaining results like the one @Alhira_Katserna posted above, is already worrying in itself, after such a short amount of time and rolls. That’s an absolutely beast of a 50MN that really, leaves a lot to be desired under any potential balance consideration.

(Antskyeeh) #28

Pro tip, dont warp off or dock after activating a filament…you dont enter abyssal space but get all the timers etc. You also cannot enter Abyssal space following this as it states “player already in Abyssal Space”

(chinokk) #29

got this which i thought was a good one

(Antskyeeh) #30

First roll with the medium repper mutagen. Not bad

(Red-Hand Vasquez) #31

Anyone else experiencing tidi in abyssal deadspace?

Running my second site and am in 24% tidi and it was similar in the first one too.

(Tashii Sunji) #32

The pattern I’m easily seeing with these rolls is really leaning towards more “green” than “red”. I really feel that there should be an inherent balance in bonuses/deficit. It should be that for each increase in stat, there is a corresponding decrease. Especially for the MWD posted so far, it’s clear that simply having a fitting penalty will never out-weight the massive bonuses you’re getting elsewhere. Now, make it so that you get “2 reds” and “3 green” stats after the roll, and stuff gets more balanced already, with way more compromise in the results.

(chinokk) #33

yeah ive given up for today

(chinokk) #34

its worth noting that mine was from a t2 mwd aswell

(CCP Paradox) #35

Time Dilation is currently happening on Singularity. This is due to the high population we have on the Test Server.

This is very valuable to us however, as we are able to closely monitor the performance so that we can make further improvements. Thank you for your patience in trying this out, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

(Red-Hand Vasquez) #36

Thanks for the quick reply!

I figured it was probably due to everyone hopping on there for the new content.

(Dyver Phycad) #37

Is it intentional that you see other people on dscan and in abyssal system chats?

Is the tidi intentional?

(Erethond) #38

Ah! You can tell you did something right when SiSi goes into TiDi because too many people are eager and want to test the new feature :slight_smile:

Things I noticed:

  • You can see other people in local chat in the pockets
  • It might be my not being as trigger happy as the average eve player, but I missed out on the loot for my first 2 runs. I expected it to drop from some triglavian npc boss, not from structures. I’m sure it will be made obvious in videos and guides, but still, some kind of message that this is about raiding triglavian research facilities would be nice.
  • Everything is placeholder with the old style crosses. Any ETA on having the proper NPCs properties?
  • Some TiDi isn’t actually that bad of a thing: It gives more time to think about what to do (not that the level 1 sites are hard though…)
  • Different icons for the environmental effects could be more helpful. I went by a tower that gave a bonus to turret tracking and, instead of a blue tracking enhancer icon, it was another icon I did not recognize. It would be convenient to have easily recognizable icons for established EWAR-type effects.

Read just a few posts above yours. It’s because SiSi is busy with everyone wanting to try things.

(marVLs) #39

Abyssal ded looks very cool in terms of design, feel, and overall art, great job on that, only smoke, dust looks terrible… srly ourdated like from 2003 game, they don’t fit into rest of assets, stick into them etc, also “clouds” of effects looks bad :confused: . That red thingy sparking from ship is also half maded…
Most of assets are also old and just scaled up… like those big spikes looks poor tbh

But my biggest concern is about engagements, theres only bunch of drones or one BS… i hope it’s just wip and will be changed because theres nothing from promised about them :confused:

(Val en Thielles) #40

Well, so much for not reading the thread and reporting local and d-scan issues /facepalm

With that aside, there is not much I can say that is not covered in some way in the original post. I found the environmental objects (nebulae, asteroids etc.) to be a little on the dull side. I feel they could use some sort of touch-up, but it’s understandable if there are limitations that I am not aware of. Either way, it’s definitely a step up from deadspace environments like DED sites, sleeper caches etc.

Looking forward to future iterations on Singularity.

(Dark Engraver) #41

The tidi is making testing the pockets and their effects/npcs impossible