PSA: Filaments - Just Say No!

PSA For Abyssal Pocket Filaments

  1. There is a current glitch that prevents Guristas data sites from offering filaments. As such, there is a filament shortage.

  2. Abyssal pockets do not guarantee a filament drop (many of the Triglavian containers will be empty) and the loot drops are abysmal (sorry, couldn’t resist).

So before you fork over your hard-earned 500-million to 1.5-billion ISK for one of these filaments, be fully aware that there is a better than even chance that one doesn’t drop in an Abyssal pocket to replace it. And since the loot drops on the base filaments are absolute crap - you will be permanently in the red.


Working as intended ™


From your other post, you bought a filament, ran it and got a other, ran that and got another, ran that and got nothing. So it seems like a 2/3 chance to get one from your report, better than even.

Or do you have drop rates data from somewhere else? I’m not arguing with the claim that running abyssal dead space will keep you in the red, but the better than even chance of not getting one surprises me.


The filament drop rates on SiSi averaged around 2.2 filaments per pocket. The actual drop rate for me was 0.67 filaments per pocket. It means that sooner as opposed to later you’ll have to scan down or buy another filament.

But that’s really a side issue. The loot drops are crap which means that at a cost of anything more than 1m ISK per filament you’ll be losing money on these Abyssal pockets.


Hello Arthur-

I understand your frustration. I followed the threads and know that this is something you’ve been following closely since it’s inception. Even so, glitches and little errors happen on launch day. And I know you know that. Also, initial-launch-of-new-stuff pricing is always a thing. You have enough experience in this game to know that too. I also know you said you were likely not to run these sites at all due to the OSX problems you were having so I’m not sure why you were trying to run these already (at least until they get more affordable or your stability issues get resolved somehow, maybe both).

So, right now you’re at 10, I’m gonna need you to bring it down to a five, okay? We understand these problems happen especially on launch day, and they get ironed out in due time.


I suggest 3,1415 instead of plain 5. Trust me - its better.

Arthur, please keep discouraging people from running those sites, by all means. I am still at work, and I think Dark and Loraline are not online yet too. We need you to keep the market inflated so we can cash it later. Thank you.


I’ve been waiting for (and testing) this new content for weeks, and literally every time I undock I’m at risk of losing my ship when the client locks up (so this time is no different). In fact, that’s the reason why I ran all three pockets back-to-back.

If you think I’m at a “10”, you should check back at the end of the day when everyone who’s been hunting Guristas data sites for hours on end learns there was a glitch and they never had any chance of finding a filament there.

Or the players that got hosed on a filament from the market, died in a pocket or managed to survive with little or nothing to show for it (let alone a replacement filament).

And the mutaplasmids have been nerfed to high heaven, so good luck with playing CCP’s newest RNG lottery.

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This may be a regional thing but I’ve never seen someone stop on that digit before. In all social instances of Pi that I’ve been witness to, people either go with the simple “3.14”, or “3.14159”.

It is ok, Arthur. I, personally, on your place, will be at 10 too , whatever it means. Patch day, at least you did not lost the ship due to client crash. Which I think is a reason to cheer up a little. I am pretty sure filaments will be on the market in reasonable prace as soon as EU time zone spikes.
I think the main thing about Abyss is a new PvE experience. And you, just as me, have had it, already. No Abyss drop will beat PLEX selling in terms of ISK making , so why worry? :wink:

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it’s patch day, you don’t buy new things on patch day unless you are willing to massively overspend. I made a few billion isk selling assault damage controls on patch day. I probably could have double to tripled that if I logged in right when the servers went up and did efficient inventions.

Arthur, you sound like a real crybaby. Awe I can’t run something in game and make billions of isk

Just saying

Noonesaid that Abbsal will be self-service-money-pot…
Play and earn or do not play and wine … :rofl:

edit: typo

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Sorry, but if you want stady and safe profit go mine asteroids …

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Scanned my entire region of syndicate nothing not even 1 filament then went 5 deep in worm holes still nothing, I love scanning! forgot what the ■■■■ im even looking for after all this.

CCP plz dont turn this content into the next resource wars plz.

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wish i could have my money back came back to game and bought a sub to try out this expansion had i knew ahead of time it was locked behind filament farm i would never wasted my money everyone and there uncle is out doing data sites 5 hours found 4 sites all already depleted or in progress such a waste of time and effort

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Actually I am glad the drop rates appear to be low.

a) this will give a long term boost to exploration (producing the filaments)
b) it will keep prices high for t-space loot

SISI drop rates were to encourage testing if those rates had hit TQ everyone would have Trig ships inside a week and the value of the loot would have tanked to mud.


HA! “earn” he says.

Isn’t this what Mittens says to CCP when he threatens to CTA a mass unsub unless he gets his way?

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New items on patch day. Nothing new. Prices will stabilize as more people start finding filaments.

Hint - there are not only Gurristas in hisec. Might I suggest moving to a different region?

Learn To Play !!!

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