PSA: F4/F5 Abyssal Pockets in High-Sec

Even if you have a safe bookmark (even if you manage to bury the filament) - be wary of roaming fleets looking for the tell-tale signs of Triglavian filaments. Upon exit from one trip I found literally a dozen or more Hecates, Jackdaws, Stratios, etc. just waiting for me. Had I not limited myself to F3 filaments and below - I’d have been toast.

TLDR; Don’t go suspect in high-sec. Make them earn that gank.

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Have to say that FC of that fleet was exceptionally dumb. They sit there waiting for you for like 10 minutes and looking at the abyssal trace that was clearly stating that you WON’T be suspect upon exit (T1-T3 and T4-T5 Abyssal Traces look different after all)


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