Game Freezes in Abyssal Filaments

I have a re-occuring issue with the Game Client Freezing and locking my PC while in Abyssal Filaments.
Tonight lost my Bellicose and maxed implant clone in a T1 Gamma on last ship in a room that was down to 30%. with my drones out and missiles firing, orbitting. came back to being in my Pod. Thank you CCPO for the issue I only have with game freezing and locking my PC in Abyssal Filaments. Only cost me 1.5 billion ISK.

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maybe its not CCP´s fault ? maybe its yours ?

if your game freezes then its a problem on your side ! fix the problem and then again enyoj the risk of abyss that you are willingly took :wink:

btw … 1,5b loss in a T1 Gamma ? maybe you need to lern how to fly the T1 Gamma properly xD

Hi, @Rancine_Bererund are you running an AMD system? You might have the same issue as described here: Eve freezing and needs a hard reboot

Unofrtunately it looks like there is no solution for this.


If this is a recurring problem you may need to avoid Abyssals for the time being. Sucks in any event…

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That’s why I don’t do abyssals any more:

5,1 billion ISK in total :exploding_head:

The ship was alive when I logged back in, rats didn’t kill me but I drifted to far away autside the abyssal sphere zone so damage ticks kicked in and I didn’t manage to get back into the safe zone on time.


You can still make good ISK just running L4s (even without Burners). $45m ISK/daily (20-30min daily commitment)) will PLEX your account every month. With +4/+5 implants you can also make another $1.2-$1.5b ISK/monthly just training up and extracting skills.

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