Free Abyssal Deadspace Filaments

Hello all. I’m a returning player (played for over 2 years) after a 7 year lapse due to an old system that could no longer run EVE. Just purchased an ASUS ROG and decided to give EVE a try again. I lasted as an Alpha player for less than 24 hours and upgraded to Omega (been back for 2 days). I have 9 characters on 3 accounts. I just noticed that all capsuleers logging in after November 15th 2016 receives a free Abyssal Deadspace Filament, 1 of the 5 varieties, in the redeeming system regardless of clone state. I also read that it expires on July 8th, 2018. My question is… Should I have one for each of my characters? It isn’t showing on any of them. Should I contact customer support or forget it? I’m not even sure what it is at this point since I’m still getting my feet wet again.

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It’s one filament per account, which you can redeem on any character.


If you cant find it, then just buy one for pennies, theyre dirt cheap.

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Thanks for the replies…
Yiole Gionglao, Thanks for clearing that up, but I have none showing on any account.
Netan MalDoran, buy one where? Like I said, I’ve only been back a few days. I don’t even know what it is yet. Are they on the market, in the store, or both?

If you just came back I suggest you not try and run them just yet. If you want some idea of what you need to run them I suggest you look at what got killed running the sites:

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Also you get flagged for PVP after completing a lev.4 site. So you can get ganked. For example :slight_smile:

I believe they were waiting for him to exit the site.

I guess I should mention there is a time limit no matter what level site you are running? Exceed the limit your ship gets killed. Your pod too.

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When they were gifted they had a short expiry date if I recall. 10 days? 12?

You may have just missed them. You could always try to file a petition and ask CCP for one, but you can probably earn the small amount of ISK needed to buy one from the market in the time it takes to type your petition.


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