CCP Clarification: do the new filaments expire?

Frostline Laboratories, a subsidiary division of Outer Ring Excavations, has begun to develop new technologies to expedite resource extraction in Nullsec. Filaments acquired from skirmishes with Triglavian Collective vessels have provided a wealth of information to study.

In the spirit of Yoiul—and to expand their data pool—Frostline has chosen to share the products of their research with capsuleers across New Eden. For a limited time, pilots will be able to utilize these experimental filaments to more quickly and efficiently travel to Nullsec territories.

Dear CCP,

Please, could you clarify for me whether or not these new filaments are set to expire in some way in the future like learning boosters etc?

This information is very important.

Dark Magni


Also want to know <3

They expire on the 14th of January and turn into random Calm Filaments.

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" do the new filaments expire"



Limited time could refer to the span of time available.

If a shirt is available for a limited time, the shirt doesn’t magically disappear once that time is over.

Don’t be an ass just for the sake of it.


“Patch Notes for December 2019 Release”
CCP should just put this information within the game, in the description or attributes of the item. Why complicate what should be easy !!! ???

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search “glamourex”.

This comment has now taken the place of the dumbest thing said on these forums this week.

Because the coward deleted his post, I’ll have to paraphrase what I remember from it.

Basically, because these special event-only filaments turn into Calm Filaments at the end of the event, his fear was that this would usher in a new era of EVE Online where the developer would randomly start either deleting or rending people’s assets useless. He then went on to talk about how (presumably) in his knowledge, this was bad for CCP’s business, since it would “set a major precedent” of CCP going around willy nilly deleting people’s assets left and right.


Other than you, nobody cares.


CCP should have the CMT-05 fillaments and all the others on the market from now on and not just for christmas, The filaments create content and tonight our intel channel as been red hot with small gangs everywhere infact i have not seen it this busy in ages. I just passed 5 hostile battleships on a gate from a alliance who live in a region the other side of eve to us, Lots of fights and small gang stuff since the filaments came out in the daily rewards, Great pvp, Intel is buzzing and people are having fun. The Filaments are proving to be really popular already so i hope CCP consider this.


And he’s right. They’ve already started messing with the Market as well as players assets and it looks like they’ll continue doing so.

Not sure why you constantly feel the need to White Knight for CCP, they’re more than capable of doing it themselves.


This just in DMC doesn’t know what “limited timed items” means. In other news, water is wet! Stay turned for more hot takes from DMC!

Wow, you’re all about being a stupid troll.

Limited Time Items is not the issue.

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To be fair they did melt snowballs this year. This was both not forseen, and unlike these filaments, originally a permanent item. I dont have a problem with either the filaments or snowballs but the snowball melting did come out of nowhere.


No, they don’t expire.

Don’t listen to the liars,
they just want you to sell yours.

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I deleted it because I accidentally posted on the wrong thread, I had intended to post it on the thread about the snowballs being deleted. But yes, I have problems with limited edition items being converted into normal items because I think the filaments could make for an exciting new content. I want the filaments to become a permanent loot item that could be made into a rarer drop, but could make for some interesting PVP opportunities.

As for the snowballs I dislike it because you have items that have been in game for years, and since CCP decided to make the old snowballs worthless they have set a precedence that if they decide all of the collectable items you got can be changed or deleted. It makes the limited items that much more pointless. Imagine if CCP decides they want to make new limited time ships that replace old AT rewards but are useless after a certain time? Or if they decide that faction or officer items are now limited time only items, and that your stocks will become worthless.

I have been playing eve for close to 12 years and I have some stuff that was given away nearly that long ago. I really don’t like the fact that some of my most cherished or collectable stuff may suddenly become worthless, or be outright deleted. Sure the EULA says it all belongs to CCP, but CCP is not helping itself making people think that all of their assets are just temporary and can be messed with or deleted at a moments notice.

I mean hell maybe some people don’t care if their stuff can be deleted or changed at a moments notice. But we aren’t talking about a nerf or a buff here. We are talking about making things completely worthless with no warning whatsoever and with no compensation in terms of isk at all.


Lmao, yeah okay.

Snowball compensation … snicker.

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Don’t bother replying to those trolls, they don’t have anything worthwhile to contribute.

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I find it annoying they just melted all the snowballs, once people have started transacting items in the ‘great’ eve economy the items should not be erased by the developers with no notice.

These filaments in game have absolutely no marker that the CCP coding will alakazam magic them into a different (worthless) filament in a certain date, and so, people that have traded them have been made fools of.

How can nobody understand this basic principle.

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