1 free Tier 1 filament for everyone? Seriously?

Seriously CCP? This would have made sense on Day 1, but now after 9 days, what’s this about? Is there something your actions say and your words don’t? Maybe the stellar feature of the expansion has fizzled prematurely? Maybe explorers aren’t bothering with high volume, low value filaments?

I repeat, this made sense on Day 1, but, now after 9 days? What’s going on that’s worth crashing the market this way?


If it’s just a one-time thing, even if it crashes the market it will recover in short order.

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It’s easy: ones who could not hold themself paid premium and now everyone can try this “for free”.

maybe they just want more people to try the abysall stuff
ill admit i havent even tried it myself yet and ive been meaning to but
too much effort to undock atm

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Yeah, would’ve been better to have distributed this on release.


Not enough ships exploding, it seems CCP wants more isk to disappear while tech 2 ships become ever more expensive giving the the tech 2 producing alliance even more iskies and more people purchasing plex.

Makes sense if it is to make up for some data sites being bugged and having no chance of dropping them even though they should have.

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its good hacs finally have a role even if its not in pvp

I’m not sure how I feel about this. But I’m certain it’s a CCP conspiracy.

I have been dual boxxing sites and selling hundreds of filaments. Do you honestly believe it will crash the market with 1 filament?

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Not quite sure about that.
Everyone I know just uses a Gila.

1 filament per active player should be like 50-60,000 filaments at once, depending on how and when those are redeemed and sold. It’s not a small number.

Actually it makes sense. On day one may the new stuff still show some issues. So to be absolutely certain does it make sense to wait a few days to see what issues pop up, and when nothing shows to give everyone a free ticket.

Or imagine what it would be like if you gave everyone a free ticket on the first day and there’s trouble. :sunglasses:


They are only terrible tier 1 filaments which were already super cheap anyway, so crashing the market for new players seems more like a benefit to me as it means its easier for them to buy the filaments :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a huge Abyssal troll. Come to the Abyss… meet new and exciting enemies… then watch them kill you!


Don’t forget the really crushing part. About the pod.


Something about a gift horse and not looking in a certain area???

I mean you get a free gift. You don’t want it, save it for a month or two and sell it for more profit. Or if bored, do a little research, get a fit that may work, and enjoy.

But complain as if s free gift is bad? Really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ill trade someone an electric for a dark. HMU

There are only 200 Abyssal “instances” at any given time. That means out of the 30,000 players online at peak time, less than 0.7% of the playerbase are running Abyssal content…

Is that why I have to hit “activate” multiple times when choosing a filament?